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The Office of Academic Affairs oversees all academic and academically related programs and services in the curriculum of the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University. The Registrar's Office
Academic Advisor of the Year Award Withdrawal/Leave of  Absence Form (SJU only) made during registration;  form will be submitted directly to the Registrar's Office for processing
Academic Advisor of the Year Award XPD-Experience and Professional Development/Career Services Registrar's Office Registration Release Form: Not Accepted into Major (pending acceptance form allowing
Registrar's Office Permission of the program director is required to make changes to your schedule once you are abroad.  Filling out this form will facilitate your request.
Registrar's Office How do I retain a copy of an official PDF without a password? Instead of using a physical printer, you can select the “Microsoft Print to PDF” virtual printer in almost any Windows
These may be sent directly to the The official PDF must come from a secured Contact the instructor and have them submit a grade change to the Registrar's Office.
Initiate a Project with Alumnae Relations Register in BenniesConnect to access 50,000+ Bennie/Johnnie alums. More. You may not be a CSB Contact the Registrar's Office to obtain official transcripts.
This page is your "one-stop" shop to frequently used websites. Send an e-mail to the web coordinator. Web Pages for Courses and Tools CSB and SJU Sites of Interest Registrar Online Forms
Summer 2021 All College Thesis Fellowships Other members of the audience are asked for their out the online evaluation form. The All College Thesis Director will submit the grade the registrar.
Registrar's Office Registrar's Online Forms Acceptance to a major is a process that takes place during the spring semester of sophomore year. A student must submit an Acceptance to Major Request