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Registrar's Office Registrar's Online Forms It is the purpose of the Common Curriculum to provide all students with a solid academic foundation and the fundamental tools necessary to continue
Registrar's Online Forms changes will not be processed during registration dates (submits directly to the Registrar's Office) This DOES NOT replace the formal Registrar's Office - Attention: Denise
Registrar's Office Registrar's Online Forms Classes offered during Mid-day Periods generally are requested by greater numbers of students than are other periods. You are less likely to be closed
Registrar's Office How many credits is this course currently worth? Standard (A-F or S/U) Please explain why you want to change the grading type: If the proposed change in grading type will affect your
Registrar's Office To ensure all data requests are as accurate and complete, please consider completing the appropriate online data request form: Assistant Registrar/Information Systems
are not listed as the instructor in the system. Please contact the Registrar's Office for assistance. (grade of "W" cannot be entered on Banner Web Self Service - contact the Registrar's Office
Below are links to useful forms and documents for faculty members. Intent to Apply for Sabbatical Form Intent to Apply for Third-Year, Tenure, and Promotion Review Registrar's Office-Faculty Resources
contact: Name: Julie Gruska Title: Registrar Phone: 320-363-3197 Policy Revision Date: July 11, 2013 credit admission year 2013-2014.pdf
information contact: Name: Julie Gruska Title: Registrar Phone: 320-363-3197 Policy Revision Date credit admission year 2014-2015.pdf
Testing Year 2014-2015 Julie Gruska, Registrar College Admission Year 2015-2016 320-363-3197 Updated credit admission year 2015-2016.pdf