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In 1933 a substantial addition was Center was built in 1976, Saint Gregory House, named after the architect, became residential housing for students. It was renovated in 1984 and now has housing for
When will I learn of my housing assignment? may have the option of living in upper-class housing. If you are unsure of which situation fits you, please contact the Residential Life and Housing Office.
Idzerda House, 2007 (left) and Renner House, 2007 (right) (click thumbnails for larger image) In 2004-2005, Renner House, a new presidents' house, was built and was ready for use by President
Johnnies (who lived in a mobile home outside the house) and Bennies (who lived in the house). It was referred to as “The Farm” and it The Record, September 5, 2000, p.1. SJU Eco-Houses run greenhouse,”
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the photo gallery of our on-campus graduate student housing.  We have housing a the lakeside Huschle House (pronounced Hush' lee House), an intentional living community, and we have
CSB/SJU COVID-19 Response Information shores above Lake Sagatagan. The monks moved the Frame House to the new site in 1867 as the Stone House was being built. The Frame House was
respectively.  The student and any roommates choose housing at the best time for their living group. Students must have full living groups formed for fall semester in order to select housing.
Saint Francis House was designed by Father Raphael Knapp, O.S.B., and was constructed as a convent in 1904. The first occupants of Frank House were the sisters who ran the Saint John's
CSB/SJU COVID-19 Response Information Open House (Visitation) Policy semester to remain eligible for campus housing. Students must vacate their assigned housing within forty-eight (48) hours if any of