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Master of Arts in Liturgical Music Search Recent Graduate First Destination Database Saint John's School of Theology and Graduate student housing is available in Emmaus Hall on the SJU campus.
College Success at CSB/SJU Course Mid-Year New and Transfer Student be assigned a move in time based on their housing assignments. We ask that you move in during your Residential Life & Housing Info:
College of Saint Benedict Literary Arts Institute By Judith Kitchen2002 S. Mariella Gable Award Winner It would be quite a while, she knew that now, not that she'd heard the sirens and imagined their
Our community is built on campus by our students, fostered by our unbeatable alum network and steeped get better from there. Suites, apartments, town homes and houses are all on-campus living options.
Two colleges, one community. Bennies and Johnnies share a joint academic program and a vibrant campuses: dining halls, athletic centers, coffee houses, science labs, hiking trails, lakes and more.
College of Saint Benedict is a leading liberal arts institution for women. Residential housing, based on year in school, emphasizes women's leadership with programming that Cited as one of the top 10
Bragging rights? But, aren't CSB/SJU "Minnesota Nice"? (Don't like to be the center of attention? A bit embarrassed by compliments? Uncomfortable in the spotlight?) You betcha! We tend to be a bit
Does it matter if I apply to CSB/SJU using the Common Application instead of the CSB/SJU have put millions of dollars into our housing facilities to give our students beautiful and spacious
ONLY ONE PERSON FROM THE GROUP STAYING NEEDS TO FILL OUT THE HOUSING REGISTRATION FORM. A confirmation of your housing request will be emailed to you within 24 hours. In the event that
SJU Residential Life and Housing Housing Options **No items on this list are provided to students that require low maintenance. Check with your local green house to find out what plants do well in a