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SJU Residential Life Policies and Procedures When will I know my roommate two weeks of the semester, there is a form available on the Housing Portal for students to fill out regarding any damage they
participate in room selection you must complete the Housing Intent Form found in the Housing Portal . Students can find full details and links to registration forms on the
Classroom & A/V Support staff do not provide for support, the online A/V Support Request Form must be filled out and submitted. Submission of this form does not automatically guarantee support for an
Once the student abstract portal is open, and an abstract/s has/have been submitted by a student or by selecting, "Click here to complete  the form." You will be asked to provide the  following
Meal Plan Change Request Form CSB Student Sick Meal Order Form Gluten Free Meal Order Form Continuous Meal Punch - This plan allows unlimited entry to the Gorecki Dining Center or the the
1-14 - Elligible students will be able to form roommate groups, the Appeals committee will hear student appeals. All roommate groups need to be formed and confirmed by 11:59pm November 14, 2016
Mary Commons Information Desk and Mail Center CSB Residential Life and Housing Handbook an exemption from the residency requirement please complete the Residency Requirement Exemption Form.
CSB Residential Life and Housing Handbook As a residential community we are concerned with the comfort and safety needs of each person. The need for privacy, safety and comfort in community living
Conflict of Interest Form for CSB/SJU Board of Trustees Indemnification Agreement CSB/SJU 11-24-09 john's university final report.pdf
last century monks ,and lay people formed two distinct worshipping communities in Collegeville, with the university and prep school students forming still two more such groups. Fr. Alexius archives/chapter 2a.pdf