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What do I need to do CSB Students: Set up Health Services patient portal account: Patient Portal. You can log into the patient portal with your CSB network name and password. Student Complaint Form
COVID-19 Resources and Spring 2021 Information you are officially enrolled, there will be many important forms in the Forms Portal to complete. The important forms for Course request form due.
November 29 at 9 a.m. – Break Stay Request Forms are Required for this Period to reside on-campus December 12: Signed Exemption Acceptance Forms are due Sunday, December 13 2021 via the Housing Portal.
This form is used to request a license for a Zoom Webinar. Please complete this form if you'd like to utilize Zoom's webinar feature for a Digital Commons Release Form CSB/SJU Zoom Portal
COVID-19 Resources and Spring 2021 Information Good Idea Portal We are working toward inclusion in a way that Groups have already launched, but new groups can be formed. You can still sign up.
COVID-19 Resources and Spring 2021 Information CSB Residential Life and Housing Handbook Mary Commons Information Desk and Mail Center When can I access a housing form? When are they due?
COVID-19 Resources and Spring 2021 honest and accurate information on the housing form is paramount. Avoid having your parent filling out the form. Second, understand that having a roommate is a great
COVID-19 Resources and Spring 2021 Information Forming Community Out of State/International Students Resources SJU Residential Life Policies and Procedures CSB/SJU Housing Portal
Gorecki Center A, B & C, CSB Katherine E. Nystrom (Marah Jacobson-Schulte, Center for Global Education) La Gente de Maíz: Culture and the Role of Maize in Neural Tube Defects Among Rural Mayan abstracts.docx
COVID-19 Resources and Spring 2021 Information Forms University Occupational Health and Safety training portal.  The CSB/SJU training portal will enable you to access your assigned courses