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Directory A listing of all Regents, Trustees, Administrators and Staff currently affiliated with CSB/SJU.  This list includes job titles and select educational credentials.
Web links for CSB/SJU Faculty and Students Our students do research in the academic year (at CSB/SJU) and Here is link to the ACS Directory of Graduate Research  is the most comprehensive source of
*Read this handbook thoroughly. All SJU Dining Service student employees are expected to adhere to all policies and procedures as outlined in this handbook. Electronic handbook receipt to be received
Initiate a Project with Alumnae Relations Bennie Businesses Online Directory John's graduates. You'll have access to a directory of 50,000+ alumnae/i, plus these career resource
Staff Directory Chapters are based on the geographic location of Johnnie alumni. Saint John's has chapters throughout the United States and around the world. Clubs are made up of Johnnies who share a
or lawfully issued subpoenas, disclosures of directory information, and disclosures to the student policy csb.pdf
Lists of presidents, deans, and other leadership positions in the College. As We Are was the title given to this 1969 directory of the faculty and administrative staff of CSB.
Saint John's offers a variety of tools to help alumni, alumnae and CSB/SJU parents who seek to expand contacts and hone job hunting skills during a work transition. JohnniesConnect - Alumni Directory
See also A History of SJU Buildings for a set of maps showing the changes over time. in SJU Archives Box 1326:3 from A Report to Investors Saint John's University Alumni Directory
Your graduate-level instruction on being a College of Saint Benedict alumna. Initiate a Project with Alumnae Relations Bennie Businesses Online Directory We know you’re on the move – and you’re