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CSB/SJU COVID-19 Response Information This page is your "one-stop" shop to frequently used websites. Send an e-mail to the web coordinator. Web Pages for Courses and Tools CSB/SJU Bookstore
CSB/SJU COVID-19 Response Information It is important to us that you have the information you need and are able to connect with faculty, administration and other parents and Gift packages - bookstore
is for a graduate student so it get engraved properly.  Or call the bookstore to place your order. Cap and Gown and tickets for the brunch and ceremony can be picked up at the SJU Bookstore
will receive an email when your rental regalia is available for you to pick up at the CSB Bookstore. Please remember to return your regalia to the CSB Bookstore immediately following the ceremony.
your textbooks through our websites and in our bookstores.  ALL textbooks will be loacted in the SJU Bookstore.  You will still be able to order them through Purchase books from our online Bookstore:
the semester will have five days to notify the Bookstore at [email protected] to request a refund. or was accidentally deleted, email the Bookstore at [email protected] for access instructions.
CSB/SJU COVID-19 Response Information Bookstore Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary Email the School of Theology and Seminary Web Coordinator
Wendelin Hall 8 Mary Hall Commons Bookstore, Information Desk, Student Mailboxes, Campus Security 9
Simons Hall 39 Sexton Commons, Saint John’s Bookstore 40 Saint Mary Hall 41 Auditorium and Humphrey
CSB/SJU COVID-19 Response Information The J-Book - SJU Student Policies Bookstore *6:00 pm (student mass)  Sacred Heart  Chapel Email the CSB/SJU Web Coordinator 800-544-1489 - Office of Admission