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Bookstore Bucks Pre-paid Account will be engraved, boxed, and ready for pick up Graduation Weekend (May 11 & 12) at the CSB Bookstore.  or call the CSB Bookstore at 800-420-4509
The natural beauty of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University is, simply put, stunning. The two campuses are located on Find Benedictine Values to earn a bookstore gift certificate.
on the back of the cross weekend at the SJU Bookstore or having it shipped to you. How to order: Order from the SJU Bookstore online site: amount of crosses available for purchase at the SJU Bookstore.
CSB/SJU Students -How to Order CSB/SJU Bookstore Bookstore Bucks Pre-paid Account Instructor has notified the Bookstore that your book will be reused and the Bookstore needs additional quantities.
CSB/SJU Students -How to Order Online Purchase Refunds - Items purchased from the bookstore websites may be returned for a refund at the bookstore it was purchased from with the shipment's receipt
Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary How did you hear about the Summer Session? Required Fields are marked with an asterisk. Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)* Bookstore charges will vary depending
menu. You can select to pick up books at either bookstore, or we can ship them to you via Fed Ex placed. You will need the order number and your student ID to pick up your order in the bookstore.
I will return the book to the Bookstore no later than the last day of finals. If I ship the book, it must be received at the Bookstore no later than the return date, shipping prepaid.  Any
Bookstore Bucks Pre-paid Account the semester and return it in good condition to the Bookstore by the due date. May rent new or used What is the Bookstores’ RETURN POLICY for course materials?