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keywords: bookstores, faculty, textbook adoptions Bookstore Bucks Pre-paid Account CSB/SJU Bookstore Textbook Coordinator - Krista Lindstrand CSB/SJU Bookstore Director - Tina Streit
Benefits of signing up for CSB/SJU Bookstores emails:       Informative!  The latest news on what's happening at CSB/SJU Bookstores, new products and more! CSB Bookstore SJU Bookstore
Bookstore Bucks Pre-paid Account your cap and gown can be picked up at CSB Bookstore. Johnnies, your cap and gown can be picked up at SJU Bookstore. SJU Bookstore - contact Rhonda Sauerer
Bookstore Email the CSB/SJU Web Coordinator 800-544-1489 - Office of Admission
keywords: Academic regalia, bookstores receive an email when regalia is available for pick up at the bookstore location you ordered from.  Rhonda Sauerer 363-2495 at the SJU Bookstore
The home page for Saint Ben's alumnae, friends and donors. Initiate a Project with Alumnae Relations Register in BenniesConnect to access 50,000+ Bennie/Johnnie alums. More. CSB/SJU Bookstore
CSB Sisterhood Collection and SJU Class Rings Bookstore Bucks Pre-paid Account Bookstore Links SJU Bookstore: What's Happening at the Bookstores Email the CSB/SJU Web Coordinator
the attached Budget Authorization Form (at right) when making purchases at the CSB/SJU Bookstores. p-cards are not to be used for bookstore purchases.  No discounts are automatically applied, tax is
keywords: bookstore, about the bookstores Bookstore Bucks Pre-paid Account Bookstore Links CSB/SJU Bookstore Mission Statement Bookstore Staff: Email the CSB/SJU Bookstore
keywords: college rings, bookstores Bookstore Bucks Pre-paid Account Bookstore Links Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary The Sisterhood ring is your official Email the CSB/SJU Bookstore