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Banner ID When did you enter CSB/SJU? 2nd Major (if you have one) Email the CSB/SJU Web Coordinator 800-544-1489 - Office of Admission
Student Banner ID # SOSC Social Science (must be SCED minor) Email the CSB/SJU Web Coordinator 800-544-1489 - Office of Admission
Counseling & Health Promotion & CSB Health Services Banner Number Yes, I have a work award Student Office Assistant hours are scheduled 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Monday thru Friday). Are you available
Banner ID When did you enter CSB/SJU? This form is for a MAJOR or MINOR requirement ONLY. A separate form MUST be completed for a request regarding a Common Curriculum requirement.
1st year students are not eligible. Maximum of 4 (combined) ILP credits per semester. 4 credit ILPs are due by the 4th class day of the semester 3 credit by the start of B Mod Student Banner ID #
Banner ID Minnesota County of residence (if you are a resident of MN) Country of Citizenship if you checked OTHER above Ethnic (we are required to request this information by Federal Statute)
Banner ID Provide IF you are a current student All communications will be sent directly to this email provided. This form is ONLY designed to review one (1) course at a time, please submit multiple
Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary ONCE A JOHNNIE, ALWAYS A JOHNNIE The ring features the Abbey Church bell banner which is the most unique symbol of the Saint John's
As you are preparing to graduate you need to keep in mind some of the commitments that you made repayment. This link will bring you to Banner Self-Service to look at your financial aid information
Academic Advisor of the Year Award This request is to be used by students in sophomore, junior, and senior status .  Your request for a new advisor will be considered by the faculty member to whom you