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New Courses ACFN 371-01A ART 119-03A ART 119-04A BIOL 373-02A COMM 341-01A CSCI 317E-01A ENTR 303-01A ENVR 310-01A HISP 355A-35A HISP 399-01A HIST 330-01A MUSC 240B-01A MUSC 240B-02A NUTR 331L-03A
Highlights: New Courses EDUC 341-01A HIST 165-01A NUTR 330L-02A THEA 204-01A LTGY 424-01A SPIR 468-02A Core Designations COMM 385-01A COMM 385-02A Descriptions EDUC 341-01A THEA 204-01A Cancellations
note: This course has a REQUIRED service-learning component CRN #12664: CORE 328-70A room: days 246
New Courses ACCT 326-03A BIOL 212L-07A BIOL 214L-07A CHEM 234-09A COMM-101-04A COMM 350-02A ENVR 150-02A MATH 241-02A MATH 337-02A MGMT 301-03A MGMT 302-02A MGMT 321-03A NUTR 225L-03A PHYS 217L-02A
246 from 1-2:10 at SJU TBA (watch Banner Web for room) Taught by Margrette Newhouse Prerequisite
Fall 2009 Class Schedule Update # 2 CSB/SJU OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR This update includes information regarding new courses added to the Fall Term listing and updated information regarding other
CRN #12215: COMM 346-01A note: course has a Service Learning Component CRN #10246: COMM 350-01A note
Spring 2007 Class Schedule Update # 1 CSB/SJU OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR Call #13768: COMM 345-01A: Advanced Media Writing, 4 cr Days 246 from 1-2:10 in SIMNS G60 Taught by Glenda Burgeson Priority to
Important dates correction: Important Dates to Remember for Fall 2005 (Inside front cover): Spring Term 2006 begins on January 16, 2005 Highlights: New Courses COMM 103-04A COMM 103-05A COMM 383-01A
Spring 2006 Class Schedule Supplement # 1 CSB/SJU OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR Call #11898: ART 114-02A: Introduction to 3D Arts, 4 cr Days 2-4 from 1-3:50 in ART 102/128 Taught by Clarissa Stanley Fee