CSB/SJU Film Festival 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

The CSB/SJU "Film Festival" is a contest for CSB and SJU students to submit an original short film.  Contest entry is free.  All CSB/SJU students are invited to participate in our first campus wide student film festival. The short films can be on any subject the students choose.

Prizes will be awarded to winners.  A gift card prize of $100 will be awarded to the grand winner for Best Picture. Second place winner for Best Picture will be awarded $75.  Winners for categories besides Best Picture will be awarded $15.  All non-winning entries picked for display will receive a $5 gift card (up to 15 entries).

Award Categories:

• Best Picture (2 awards - Grand Prize and Runner-Up)

•Animated Feature Film

• Costume Design

• Make-Up

• Film Editing

Winning videos will be decided based on student voting.  Videos will be posted on JEC social media websites and shown on Project Eight for students to watch, made available a week before the award ceremony.


Entry Submission Deadline: February 20, 2012 by 12:00pm

*Submissions can be delivered to Upper Mary Commons - JEC office


Award Ceremony: February 25, 2012  7:00pm

*All Nominees must be present on the date of the ceremony.


Rules of Entry

  •  Film must be made by at least one student from CSB/SJU whom is currently enrolled
  • A participant can submit up to two works


  • Time Length must be 30 seconds or more
  • Must have subtitles or dubbed in English if in another language
  • No explicit content such as nudity, extremely vulgar language, or extreme violence.  Pre-screening will be done to check for appropriateness.
  • Programs to use: iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are preferable; however, any program can be used.
  • Appropriate credits must given to use of copyrighted materials in your creative works.


Required Materials for Submission:

  • Submission must be on a DVD (Please make sure film will be able to be played on any regular DVD player).
    • DVD includes Name of Film and the main contact person
    • A free DVD disk can be granted. Email [email protected] to obtain a DVD.
  • Submit a short description of the film.

For more information, questions, or concerns, email the Joint Events Council at [email protected] or directly contact coordinators.


Agira Namutaha

[email protected]


Maizoua Moua

[email protected]