Mickey Nicoski

Position in the office - Office Assistant/Programmer/Student Manager

What are you doing now-a-days?

I currently live in St. Anthony, MN with my partner and our beagle named Chloe. I work in Eden Prairie as a marketing assistant at Diagnostic Group, LLC.  I still love to travel as much as I can, bake when I have time and enjoy what the Minneapolis area has to offer. My favorite area to explore is Uptown or the Lake Calhoun area, mostly because I love to walk around the lake and Uptown has some delicious restaurants. It's my first time being away from the St. Cloud/Sartell/St. Joseph area and it has been amazing.

What does it mean for you to have worked in SALD-O-JEC?

SALD-O-JEC prepared me for the "outside world" by giving me the team and leadership skills that I need to be successful in my career. The world I work in now is different from the office of SALD-O-JEC and I am happy that SALD-O-JEC taught me how to deal with certain situations. It's a place where you know you are going to leave a mark because the staff embrace diversity. Most importantly, it has given me long lasting friendships that I will never forget.