Michael Neutkens

Position in the office - Student Programming Manager

What are you doing now-a-days?

I'm currently in the middle of my second and final year of pursuing my master's degree at PA school. Every six weeks I change location (between Minnesota and Chicago) and medical specialty as I rotate through the various areas of medicine. I will graduate in June 2013 and I am more than excited to start practicing medicine at that time. School keeps me extremely busy, but when I have free time I enjoy being outdoors and exploring what both Minnesota and Chicago have to offer.

What does it mean for you to have worked in SALD-O-JEC?

I was lucky enough to work at SALD-O-JEC for all four years of my college life and to be be able to brag about how I had the best job on campus. Although SALD-OJEC didn't exactly involve medicine, my experiences at SALD-O-JEC still impact me today. It was always all about teamwork and learning to work with those whose ideas differ from one's own. Every program, every event, and every ILCP class was the culmination of the ideas and work of many SALD-O-JEC staffers. In order to provide quality healthcare, teamwork is a vital asset. There isn't one provider who can give the best care possible, so I strive to always work with all healthcare professionals around me, take in all opinions, and be sure that the best care is always given to the patient.


Way to go, Mike!!