Trish Doran

Associate Director for Finances and Operations

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Lacey Solheid

Associate Director for Programming and Orientation

 SALD Office Staff

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Adrianna Warden

SALD Student Office Manager

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 Zach Juan

SALD Student Office Manager

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Kristina Packer

Financial Operations Assistant

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Kao Kou Xiong 

Purchasing Assistant

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Jackson Oettinger

SALD Office Assistant


Utukulu Shalita

 SALD Office Assistant

SALD Office Assistant


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Emma Zobitz

SALD Office Assistant


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Jessie Vang

SALD Office Assistant


Man with white glasses

Lao Sue Hang

SALD Social Media Marketing Assistant 

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Mari Gomez

SALD Graphic Designer

Zoe Dalziel 

SALD Graphic Designer

JEC Chairs  

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Bao Khang 

CSB JEC Co-Chair

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Logan Cunningham

SJU JEC Co-Chair