Orientation Coordinator Application

Orientation Coordinator (OC) Position

Up to four positions available!

Application Deadline: Friday, February 11 

Application: Orientation Coordinator Application – CSB/SJU (csbsju.edu)

 The Orientation Coordinators, under the supervision of the Associate Director of Engagement and Leadership, work collaboratively with student activities other campus departments to implement the New Student Orientation program and Transfer Student Orientation program. Through their work, Orientation Coordinators will develop leadership, organizational, communication, time management, fiscal management and public relation skills.

 This position is multi-faceted and requires skills in:

  • Time Management & Organization: establishing priorities within projects; adhering to established deadlines; identifying and completing routine tasks, paperwork and projects as assigned or as necessary.
  • Verbal & Written Communication: sharing information and creative ideas with supervisor and Orientation team in a timely manner; maintaining confidentiality with student and vendor information; presenting to small and large groups of people; creating and/or editing documents with few grammatical errors; and excellent listening skills.
  • Knowledge of CSB/SJU & Information Sharing: sharing knowledge of resources and events as they relate to the first-year students including policies, procedures, campus departments & offices, and opportunities for involvement; assisting new students and families during move in day; promoting full participation in the Orientation activities to the first-year students; demonstrating pride in being part of the CSB/SJU community.
  • Event Planning & Programming: coordinating key event details with campus partners; planning large scale events to build relationships among participants; generating creative ideas for events; coordinating staffing responsibilities for OLs; maintaining accurate records for future planning.
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: identifying problems or concerns within the orientation program and taking steps to address and/or report the issue; formulating and evaluating possible solutions to problems, with or without guidance from supervisor and/or teammates; working through stressful situations and handling them appropriately; responding to unclear or ambiguous situations or directions.
  • Teamwork & Leadership: collaborating with others within student activities and across campus to achieve shared goals; mediating and addressing conflict in the workplace; working with others from across campus including administrators, faculty, staff and other students; fostering cohesion among team members; serving as a representative of CSB/SJU in a variety of structured and informal settings.
  • Administration: maintaining accurate records; attending all planning meetings with campus partners; managing a set budget for events, programs and presentations; assisting with the hiring & training of Orientation Leaders; developing assessment tools for the Orientation program and Orientation Leader training.

 Other Requirements:

  • Orientation Coordinators are expected to work 30-40 hours per week in the Student Activities Office during the summer months and must be present for the entirety of Orientation Leader Training and the Orientation program. 

In the event that Orientation Coordinators are required to work virtually, only students who are living in the state of Minnesota will be allowed to hold the Orientation Coordinator position due to Student Employment Regulations.

  • Orientation Coordinators must maintain a 2.5 minimum GPA and be in good academic standing.
  • Orientation Coordinators must be in good disciplinary standing at the time of their selection and throughout their work with the New Student and Transfer Student Orientation Programs. Each applicant’s conduct record will be checked.
  • Orientation Coordinators must be full time undergraduate CSB/SJU students at the time they submit an application and through the Fall 2022 semester.
  • Orientation Coordinators must be able to work 5-6 hours per week in the Student Activities Office for the month of September 2022 to complete the necessary program assessments.
  • Compensation for orientation leaders includes summer housing at CSB and those hired as Orientation Coordinators will reside at CSB for the summer.

 In addition to the general duties listed above, orientation coordinators will be responsible for the development and implementation of the following duties listed below:

Community Initiatives: Coordinating educational programs for students (including but not limited to diversity & inclusion, sexual assault, academic success, substance abuse, etc.); developing transfer student program; working with the Center for Global Education to include international students in programming and training.

Personnel & Training: Assisting in the development of recruitment & publicity materials; assisting with the logistics of the orientation leader selection process; assisting with the development of comprehensive in person and online training; communicating with OLs through weekly updates; managing outreach to first year students; assigning orientation groups.

Logistics & Marketing: Updating and maintaining social media platforms; creating content to be shared in the Class of 2026 page; updating the Orientation website; coordinating the major logistics of Orientation including transportation, dining and security; ordering OL shirts; ordering marketing materials from vendors; updating Guidebook application through the online platform.

Special Events: Developing evening programming events; coordinating set up and tear down of all events; coordinating structured free time activities; collaborating with other departments to coordinate a social gathering during training; assigning job duties to Orientation Leaders; coordinating the Move-In Day resource fairs and community picnics; managing volunteers on Move-In Day and throughout the weekend.

 Length of Position

Orientation Coordinators can expect to work a total of up to 80 hours in the spring 2021 semester.  These hours include assisting with OL hiring, selecting and pairing OLs, and being present at the OL Spring Workshop.  Orientation Coordinators can expect to work up to 40 hours per week in the summer from late May until the start of the academic year in August.  OCs should expect to work and be paid for overtime during OL Training, Move-In Day, and Orientation. Following Orientation, OCs must be prepared to spend up to 20 hours (approximately 5-6 hours per week) in the Student Activities Office to assist in assessing the Orientation program during the month of September 2021.


  • Orientation Coordinators will be compensated for the hours worked in the office and during the Orientation program at the hourly wage established by Student Employment.
  • Compensation for orientation leaders includes summer housing at CSB and those hired as Orientation Coordinators will reside at CSB for the summer.

 Contact Person

  • Andrew Kroska
  • College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University
  • Associate Director of Student Activities/FYX Coordinator
  • [email protected]

 Application: Orientation Coordinator Application – CSB/SJU (csbsju.edu)