Military Science Club Constitution

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name
The traditional name of the club is “Raiders,” however, for official purposes the club will be known as the “Military Science Club.”

Section 2: Mission
The mission of the military science club is to educate its members in the values, skills, and history of the United States Military. This will include military style adventure training, military oriented community service, lessons in military history and tactics, and social events geared toward building a Raider community. The military science club will also provide a social atmosphere free of drinking and official discourage underage drinkers. The military science club will also work to engage students of all political persuasions in dialogue over current issues with in the military and its role in world.

The military science club is open to all students and will stress teamwork, mental and physical discipline, leadership, ethics, and remembrance of all those who have served.

Section 3: Affiliation
The military science club has no affiliation.

Article I: Membership

Section 1: Eligibility for Membership
Any CSB/SJU student is eligible. Diversity of opinion, thought and experience is welcomed. No prior military knowledge or enrollment in military science classes is required.

Section 2: Voting Member Criteria
All active members of the military science club may vote on any issue.

Section 3: Removal of Members
No member will be forced to leave or be removed. If a member holds a staff position (President, Vice-President, supply) and fails in their duties, they may be demoted from their position by a vote.

Article II: Officers

Section 1: Officer Qualification
Any qualified member of the military science club that has participated for at least 1 year may hold any staff position. The term “qualified” refers to the standards of participation, knowledge and excellence that are decided buy the club President during their inaugural year.

Section 2: Elected Officers

The elected positions will mirror the staff positions of an actual Army Company. They are as follows:

  • President (Raider Commander)
  • Vice President (Raider XO)
  • Training Officer (S3)
  • Supply Officer (S4/ co funding board contact)
  • Personnel (S-1/communications)
  • Safety Officer (S2)

1. Any elected position may designate an assistant if necessary. The assistant need not be approved by vote.

Section 3: Duties of Officers

The duties of the president are to oversee and command the daily activities of the military science club, as well as to provide direction and vision. The president must call meetings, establish agendas, coordinate with other staff positions, and uphold the will of the clubs members. The president will conduct all voting and uphold whatever is democratically decided on. The president must also decide on matters of training and initiation, and establish standards for qualified members. The president must also monitor club expenditures and aid the supply officer.

Vice President
The duties of the vice-president include working closely with the president and aiding in him/her in all duties. The vice-president must also lead all meetings.

Training Officer
The duties of the training officer are to execute the will of the president in all matters of training. This includes the preparation of training schedules, delegation of classes, and coordination with supply to ensure ample resources. In addition, the training officer must personally lead all training exercises.

Supply officer
The supply officer must work closely with the training officer and ensure that all required equipment and resources are available for training. The supply officer also acts as the treasurer, and is accountable for all funds.

Personnel Officer
The duties of the personal officer are to maintain an accurate roster of members, generate all club announcements, take minutes during all meetings, and establish records of qualification.

Safety Officer
The duties of the safety officer include coordinating with Life Safety for all training activities. The safety officer must also provide information regarding weather, and possible safety hazards during all training events.

Campus Envoy
The duties of the envoy include spearheading all dealings with the two Senates, maintaining contact with school officials, administering annual reports to campus authorities, and promoting the military science club on campus. The envoy will also be in control of the Military Science Club e-mail, billboard and blue screen rights. The envoy will be the POC for the JCB and JFB, as well as the contact to the Joint Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development. The envoy must also make sure all Raider policies fall in line with the school’s CFB and JCB regulations.

Article III: Meetings

Section 1: Establishment of meetings

  1. All meetings are called by the President.
  2. The president must give 7 days notice before any voting meeting.
  3. The president must establish an agenda for the meeting and send detail to all members 3 days in advance.

Section 2: Attendance

  1. Complete attendance is encouraged, although not mandatory. If a member anticipates an absence, they must notify the Vice-President prior to the meeting.
  2. Attendance is to be record by the Personnel officer. Absences will be announced to all members in the minutes. Also, if a member decides to run for a staff position, a complete record of his/her absences will be sent to all club members.
  3. The Vice-President conducts all meetings.
  4. Robert’s Rules of Order will be informally followed.

Section 3: Meeting Agenda

  1. The meeting agenda must be decided by the President.
  2. The President must coordinate with all other positions before a meeting agenda can be set.
  3. All club members may suggest to president items for the agenda.

Section 4: Voting

  1. All issues involving club allocation of funds must be voted on.
  2. Any issue may be voted on.
  3. Any club member can request a vote on any issue, including training.
  4. All voting, other than elections, will take place at club meetings.

Article IV: Elections

Section 1: Candidates

  1. Any qualified club member may run for any staff position.
  2. Qualification is judged on performance, knowledge, proficiency, and attitude. The president for each year decides the exact criteria, and all criteria must be quantified to ensure a fair process. A club board, consisting of any qualified members that wish to be on it, will be set up at the end of each year to decide on qualification. They must use the standards set forth by the president in their decisions.
  3. All candidates must submit a signed letter of candidacy to the President before March 15th.

Section 2: Election Process

  1. All elections are administered by the club president.
  2. All ballots are secret.
  3. All election results are public, and all ballots may be checked by any club member.
  4. Elections may be done via e-mail.
  5. Election dates are to be determined by the president, but they must be conducted before the end of school the semester prior to the term being voted on.

Section 3: Terms

  1. All terms will last 2 semesters.
  2. If a club officer must forfeit their staff position, a special election will be called by the president.

Section 4: Removal

  1. A vote of no-confidence may be called by any member, given they have substantial reason to do so. This may include dereliction of duty, missed meetings, etc.
  2. A special election must then be called by the president.
  3. A 2/3 majority vote is required for the removal of any club officer.
  4. If an officer is removed, a special election will be called by the president to replace him.

Amendment Process

Section 1: Constitutional changes.

  1. Any member may request changes to the club constitution.
  2. All voting will take place at a meeting established by the president.
  3. Any changes to the club constitution require a 2/3 majority vote.
  4. In order for a vote to be valid, quorum must be maintained.
  5. Quorum is defined as at least 2/3 of the total raider club in attendance.