KJNB Constitution

Article I: Name
The name of the CSB/SJU on campus radio station shall be KJNB radio.

Article II : Object
KJNB is owned by St. John’s University and is operated by the students of St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict. KJNB operates on the internet at csbsju.edu/kjnb and the television via channel six.

KJNB receives appropriate operating funds from the student activity fees of both schools through the proper allocation process. A KJNB fund will be set up in Fall 2008 that will allocate KJNB money from the interest gained on the KJNB honorarium. Student generated income, especially the permanently assigned fundraising activity of Midnight Oil, augments the annual University subsidy for capital equipment, repair, and maintenance needs.

KJNB serves the students and members of the St. John’s University and College of St. Benedict community. It is a service providing new, cutting-edge alternative music and special programming such as talk shows, news, and sporting events. At all times, programming is intended to provide the listening audience with a unique alternative in radio broadcasting.

In addition, KJNB radio is intended to provide speech and radio operation training for its staff in an effort to teach its personnel radio methods for possible future work in the field of radio broadcasting.

At the present time, KJNB broadcasts programs both in the musical and informative veins, which are thought to fulfill these objectives. However, it should be noted that new programming ideas which pursue these aims and which adhere to KJNB policies can be introduced at any time.

KJNB’s activities are intended to comply with the standards of St. John’s University, the College of St. Benedict, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in all areas. It is KJNB’s primary intent that this organization upholds the standards and methods of the professional broadcast industry.

Article III: Members
The general staff includes all DJ’s, producers, announcers, writers, engineers, and other personnel directly involved with the operation of KJNB. Any member of the CSB/SJU community has the right to apply for a radio show.

Article IV: Officers
The Executive Board of KJNB shall serve as the officers of the radio station. All officers are directly responsible to the president of KJNB, hereafter referred to as the General Manager.

A. Organizational Structure
The Executive board of KJNB shall be separated into six (6) divisions: These divisions are organized as follows:

  1. General Manager
  2. Marketing Director
  3. Programming Director
  4. Technology Director
  5. Technology Assistant
  6. Web Coordinators
  7. Studio Engineer
  8. Music Director
  9. Music Assistants
  10. DJ Representative

*More positions may be added if the executive board agrees upon it.

Article V: Meetings

A. Executive Staff Meetings
The Executive Staff shall meet once per week. The time and place shall be decided upon by the entire staff at the beginning of their term. The staff shall then attempt to keep the meeting time and place constant throughout their entire term. Unless agreed upon by a majority of the voting members present, no meeting may last more than one (1) hour. The meetings are open to the public, but voting is reserved for the voting members of the executive staff. The meetings shall be chaired by the General Manager. In absence of the General Manager, the Marketing Director shall chair the meeting. The chain of command shall then follow in the following manner: Programming Director and then according to executive staff seniority. It is mandatory for every executive board member to attend the meetings.

B. Departmental Meetings
Meetings of Department Directors and their Associates shall be once a week. The time and place shall be decided upon by the entire department. The department shall then attempt to keep the meeting time and place consistent throughout their entire term. Unless agreed upon by a majority vote of the department, no meeting may last more than one (1) hour. It is the department’s decision whether or not to make the meetings open to the public. In the event that the meetings are open to the public, the department will attempt to schedule the meeting at a date and time separate from any other departmental meeting. The meetings shall be chaired by the department director. In the absence of the department director, the division manager shall chair the meeting. The chain of command shall then follow according to executive staff seniority. It is mandatory for every executive board member to attend their respective departmental meeting. The division manager is encouraged to attend as many of the department meetings under their administration as possible.

Article VI: Executive Staff

A. General Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Staff

  1. Serve as the administrative body of KJNB Radio
  2. Oversee the general operations of the station
  3. Serve as the judiciary body of KJNB Radio, with the power to impeach or remove any station personnel
  4. Keep and maintain a file on the specific operations of their department

B. General Functions of the Executive Staff

  1. Approval of decisions that will affect the overall image of KJNB, which include, but are not limited to:
  • Purchase of new equipment
  • Major programming changes
  • Other major changes in operations
  • Major events held throughout the school year
  • To set and carry out the policies of the station
  • To elect the following year’s Executive Staff
  • Meet weekly and discuss the general affairs of the station
  • Each executive staff member should keep the other executive staff members aware of what is happening within their department
  • Submit ideas for policy changes
  • Bring to the attention of the Executive Staff suggestions for improving KJNB
  • Prepare and present annual reports to the Executive Staff
  • Set goals at the beginning of each semester

KJNB will officially keep in mind the future of the planet and ourselves by doing what we can to preserve the planet. In practice, KJNB will focus on consistently recycling/reusing any and all materials that arrive at the station. This includes envelopes, beverage containers, quality paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, and other materials. The entire staff should try to the best of their ability to try to make sure all recyclable and reusable objects get proper attention

C. Voting Privileges
Every member of the KJNB executive board is considered voting members. All votes are final however; each member of the executive staff will maintain equal importance concerning KJNB business in all decisions. Voting members of the executive staff retain their voting privilege for all motions of action.

D. Voting Guidelines of the Executive Staff

  1. Since the number of executive board members may vary from year to year, 75% of voting shall be needed for any vote to be passed.
  2. A majority vote is needed to pass any main motion of action
  3. A member that arrives more than five (5) minutes late while a discussion is in progress shall have their voting rights suspended for the said motion of action.
  4. It is assumed that voting members will act as representatives of their fellow non-voting members in their respective departments
  5. C. Specific Duties of the Executive Staff (Some positions will not be filled)

General Manager
The General Manager of KJNB is responsible for overseeing the general affairs of the station. He/she is specifically in charge of maintaining the organization of the station as explained herein and must delegate responsibilities appropriately to secure an efficient operation of KJNB. He/she will establish the general meeting policy and facilitate smooth operation of the Executive Staff. The General Manager shall meet regularly with the division managers to access both the current status of KJNB as an organization and the long-term mission goals of the station. He/she will serve as a figurehead of KJNB in all administrative issues of St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict; specifically working to strengthen the station’s relationship within the CSB/SJU community. The General Manager retains original jurisdiction over the entire staff of KJNB. In the event that any executive staff position is not filled, it is the General Manager’s responsibility to see that the duties of that position are filled.

Master Programmer*
The Master Programmer of KJNB is responsible for overseeing the Production Management division of the station. He/she is specifically in charge of maintaining the mission goals of KJNB as pertains to his/her division. The purpose of the Master Programmer is to secure KJNB’s adherence and/or consideration of the standards of St. John’s University, the College of St. Benedict, and the FCC in all areas of production. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that the Programming, Music, and News department goals and objectives are in complementary agreement as a division. The Master Programmer will also instigate mediation between the General Staff Representative and all other executive board members within his/her division. The Master Programmer shall regularly meet with all the members of his/her division to discuss the division’s activities, and to coordinate goals, objectives, and policy as pertains to the immediate and long-term goals of the station.

Business Manager*
The Business Manager of KJNB is responsible for overseeing the Business Management division of the station. She/he is specifically in charge of maintaining the mission goals of KJNB as pertains to her/his division. The purpose of the Business Manager is to secure KJNB’s adherence to the financial rules and standards specific to non-commercial educational radio. The Business Manager will also ensure hat the marketing goals and objectives of the station are in compliance with those standards required in fundraising, but more importantly with the mission of KJNB itself. The Business Manager will also prepare budgets in conjunction with the Staff Accountant and General Manager, secure operating funds from organizations that fund KJNB, or supervise such activity and oversee cash flow. The Business Manager shall meet with all the members of her/his division to discuss the division’s activities, and to coordinate goals, objectives, and policies as pertains to the immediate and long-term goals of the station.

Program Director
The program director of KJNB is responsible for the general broadcasting operation of the station. He/She has the authority to recommend to the Executive Staff any action taken concerning station personnel and programming. He/She is the supervisor of the staff members’ broadcasting. The program director is to schedule the staff for programs and schedule and approve all special programming. The program director shall, before airing, approve all non-news and non-musical production tapes. All promotional “carts” and other announcements fall under the jurisdiction of the programming department. The program director shall meet regularly with the news, sports, and music directors to review programming practices and features. The program director shall also meet with the associate program director(s) on a regular basis to coordinate weekly goals and objectives, and discuss the previous week’s programming.

Associate Program Director
The associate program director shall work with the program director in approving non-news tapes, meeting with departmental directors, scheduling shows and special programs, and training and critiquing staff members. The program director and the associate program director shall meet on a regular basis to discuss the previous broadcasting week and short-term goals. The associate program director shall see that the daily program logs are ready to use. They shall review the daily logs and music tally sheets each week, and then contact the absent disc jockeys for that week regarding the reasons for the absence. After reviewing the daily logs and tally sheets, they will organize collectively the appropriate daily log and music tally sheet together.

Music Director
The music director shall be in charge of the more external affairs of the music department. Along with the external affairs, the role of the music director is to oversee the music department and to use music as a foundation to achieve the collective goals of the station. Included in the goals, the music director must work with the associate music directors to establish a musical vision for the station. Internally, the music director works to set and develop departmental goals for the music department. Weekly, the music director must develop a system for logging the music that is received. This system is to be adopted by the entire music department to ensure consistency in the music collection. Along with a consistent system, the music director must oversee a weekly meeting with the music department in order to discuss goals and the achievement of those goals. The fundamental duty of the music director is to maintain a good, professional relationship with the various record labels and other companies that they deal with on a regular basis. Along with this duty, they must receive and respond to all mail and other concerns about the music department. Weekly, the music department must meet, under the direction of the music director, and set a play-list for the coming week.

Associate Music Director
The associate music director position is unique in the fact that it is necessarily a self-defined role at the station. Upon election to the executive staff, the associate music director(s) shall sit down with the music director and decide what genre of music to pursue. The purpose of an associate music director is to help promote musical diversity at the station by contacting labels and/or genres that the music director may not have time to do effectively. The associate music director has the responsibilities of working with the music director and department to help achieve the goals of the department. They are responsible for all music that is received for their particular musical focus. Logging of new arrivals and creating a weekly play-list immediately stem from their responsibility to their music. Most importantly, the associate music director is responsible to oversee any specialty shows that directly relate to their focus. If they choose to work with general staff members to help them contact labels, they are responsible, as an executive staff member, for the actions of that staff member. If applicable, the associate music director must put together the chart that corresponds to their focus and report diligently and consistently throughout their tenure.

Technology Director
The KJNB Technology Director shall work to maintain the KJNB computer 'network.' The primary duty is maintaining the KJNB webpage. The webpage is our link to the outside world, it should be a accurate representation of the station. The existing pages shall be updated frequently. This includes adding new information and making sure that links are still valid. Also, the webpage should always be growing and/or changing. It should never be a finished product. The second largest task of the Technology Director is to keep Real Audio in working order. This includes checking the real audio computer (behind the CD players) every day. This position requires a general knowledge of HTML or at least webpage editing tools, or the willingness and desire to learn these skills. Knowledge of the UNIX operating system along with general knowledge of computers and how they operate is preferred.

Marketing Director
The Marketing Director’s Prime Responsibility is to ensure that the station’s image and identity is presented to the public in a deserving and veracious manner. This position will accomplish this mission through the following responsibilities.

  • The Marketing Director shall work with the executive board to the ends of marketing the station as a viable and attractive business, to both the St. John’s University/College of Saint Benedict community and the outside business community, of the St. Cloud area.
  • The Marketing Director shall be held responsible for the areas of underwriting, sponsorship, and advertisements. The director shall work with the fundraising director on this issue if financial concerns need to be met. This will ensure the expedient obtaining of funds.
  • Before KJNB’s name is used externally of the station outside of daily usage, either the marketing director or the General Manager must authorize the usage and approve the correspondence.
  • The Marketing Director is responsible furthermore for the public relations of the station including but not limited to any events, concerts, promotions, or general usage of “KJNB” in order to create a positive image within the community.
  • The Marketing Director shall publish two programming guides during the fall and spring semester. Also, if it is deemed necessary the director shall also publish a January term programming guide.
  • The Marketing Director is also responsible for the production of posters, flyers, and any other means deemed necessary for the promotion of individual shows.
  • The Marketing Director is further responsible for the cataloging of advertisements made either for on campus, off campus, or on air usage. This is to prevent any questions of what the station has or has not done.
  • Finally, the Marketing Director is responsible for all postings at the station. This includes in studio and things to the outside community that have been posted.

Associate Marketing Director(s)
The Associate Marketing Director is responsible for the specific duties assigned to them by the Marketing Director. These duties are to be directly influenced by those set forth for the Marketing Director. The purpose of the Associate Marketing Director is to work with the Marketing Director and the Department to help achieve the goals of the department. The Associate Marketing Director will also serve as a knowledgeable observer of the station’s existing image and identity, assessing them in light of the Marketing Directors goals and objectives. The Associate Marketing Director and Marketing Director shall meet on a regular basis to discuss their duties and objectives.

Station Accountant
The station accountant shall keep the accounts and books of KJNB current. He/she shall record all disbursements and receipts. All cash outflow authorizations must be signed by either the station accountant or the general manager. He/she will keep the general manager and Executive Board advised on the status of KJNB’s accounts, including periodic reports on the condition of the station’s budget, non-governmental expenses, and monthly account expenditures.

News Director
The news director is responsible for overseeing the broadcasting of news and feature news programming, as well as public service announcements. The news director shall schedule newscasters for news shows and oversee the programming of daily and/or weekly newscasts. He/she shall organize a campus news staff to cover events of newsworthy importance on the campuses of St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict and surrounding areas. The news director is to meet with the news staff on a regular basis to decide what stories they will cover. The news director is responsible for following the ethical standards of a professional journalist and maintaining journalistic integrity when presenting the news.

New Consultant(s)
Upon election to the executive staff, the News Consultant shall sit down with the News Director and decide what field of news to pursue. The purpose of the News Consultant is to help promote diversity in KJNB’s news programming by researching and promoting new worthy events, announcements, articles, etc. in their field that the News Director may not have time to do effectively. The News Consultant has the responsibility of working with the News Director and Department to help achieve the goals of the department. They are responsible for all the news that is received for their particular news field. It is the News Consultant’s duty to oversee the production of any programming that directly relates to their field. If they chose to work with general staff members to help them, they are responsible, as an executive staff member, for the actions of that staff member. The News Consultant and the News Director shall meet on a regular basis to discuss the previous news week and upcoming daily and/or weekly newscasts.

Chief Engineer
The chief engineer is responsible for the maintenance and purchasing of KJNB technical equipment. They will be responsible for the maintenance of all equipment owned by KJNB, including any remote transmitters operated by the station. For all engineering equipment owned or borrowed by KJNB, any lending or outside use is subject to the expressed approval of the chief engineer. They must keep an up-to-date inventory of station equipment and check it periodically, keeping a stock inventory in the engineering cabinet to facilitate swift emergency repair. All projects involving engineering must go through the chief engineer. No personal equipment may be installed by the engineer without being pre-purchased by KJNB. The chief engineer must oversee the proper use of KJNB equipment and instruct the department heads on the use of any new or existing equipment. Equipment and performance tests are to be executed by the requirements set forth for a station at its power level. Twice a semester, the chief engineer shall report to the Executive Board of KJNB. Major additions or changes to the equipment are subject to the approval of the Executive Board; however, minor changes in the existing equipment may be made at the discretion of the chief engineer. All problems of engineering are referred to him/her. If necessary, normal programming may be interrupted for a major transmitter repair by the chief engineer with the approval of the general manager. The station may be placed on the air at any time necessary for the purpose of transmitter testing.

Fundraising Director
The fundraising director will work with the other Executive Board members to assist in the generation of funds and will work closely with the marketing director in organizing fundraising events. The care package delivery service, Midnight Oil, is the major fundraising event. The primary focus of the fundraising director is to make sure that Midnight Oil is done in an efficient and profitable fashion. It is the responsibility of the fundraising director to keep all receipts and paperwork surrounding Midnight Oil, and give a detailed report to the Executive Board at the following meeting.

General Staff Representative
The general staff representative is to act as a liaison between the general staff and the Executive Board of KJNB. This person will communicate Executive Board decisions concerning station policy to the general staff. He/She will be elected by the general staff in accordance with parliamentary procedure and a democratic process. The election will take place in the spring of each year and as necessary. He/she shall have the following duties:

  • Collecting dues, if the Executive Board decides that dues are needed.
  • Making specific provisions to obtain general staff suggestions and concerns, and communicate these to the Executive Board.
  • Working with the general manager to organize meetings and social gatherings, and notifying the general staff of these events.
  • Coordinating with the fundraising director to make sure that fundraising events are staffed and well attended.
  • Attending all Executive Board meetings as the representative of the general staff and exercising a vote in all matters of policy.
  • Calling, with the approval of the Executive Board, meetings of the general staff.
  • Recording and typing the minutes of all Executive Board meetings, distributing copies to Executive Board members, and posting a copy inside the studio.
  • Writing and distributing a KJNB newsletter to the entire staff at least once a month.
  • Conducting and reporting to the Executive Board members, a staff survey to solicit the opinions and suggestions of the general staff members.
  • D. Additional Executive Staff Positions
    The general manager, with a majority of the voting of the Executive Staff, may, at any time, appoint to the Executive Staff a new member concerning matters deemed necessary. Specific duties for additional Executive Staff members shall be outlined by the Executive Staff at the time of appointment. The duration of appointment shall be until the end of the Executive Staff term when they were appointed.
  • E. Election of Executive Staff Members

Regular Elections

  • All positions will be open for the following school year.
  • The selection process will take place by April 1st (with the exception of the general staff representative).
  • All applicants for any Executive Board position shall submit a letter of intent and two letters of recommendation. One of these shall be from a faculty or staff member and neither shall be from a present Executive Board member. In cases of re-application, previous letters of recommendation shall suffice.
  • A general staff meeting will be held to announce the opening of elections. Job descriptions of the position will be read at that time. The Executive Board members will be available for individual questions after the meeting.
  • Both recommendations and a letter of intent are due at least one week before the interviews and elections take place. These names should be posted at the station for input from and consideration by the Executive Board and general staff.
  • The Executive Board shall interview each applicant and upon a majority vote approve a candidate for the position.
  • Term of Office is for one year, beginning two (2) weeks after the selection process is completed.

Special Elections

  • Notifications to the general staff regarding the open position(s) will be given at either a general staff meeting or in a letter to the general staff.
  • The deadline for all recommendations will be two (2) academic weeks from the notification date, unless otherwise specified.
  • The election will be held at the following Executive Board meeting or general staff meeting depending on the position.
  • Specifications of the previous section will apply.
  • F. Removal of Executive Staff Members

Impeachment: Motion of impeachment for any member of the Executive Board may be brought forth by any other member of the Executive Board. After the motion is made and seconded, the person making the motion will give the reason for the motion. After the explanation is given, the member who is up for removal will be given a chance to defend themselves. Then a closed session will be held to vote on the removal. A two-thirds vote of the voting members of the entire Executive Board is required for removal. In the case of the general manager, a vote for impeachment by the Executive Board must go to the Faculty Advisor for ratification.

Vote of Confidence: A vote of confidence will be held annually in December at a regularly scheduled general staff meeting. The procedure will be as follows:

  • Executives will not be present during the actual voting or discussion.
  • The general staff representative will read the description of duties from the constitution, and field questions and comments from the general staff regarding the position and the executives in that position.
  • At the discretion of the general staff representative, an executive can be asked back to the discussion to clarify any issue not previously resolved.
  • A majority of the entire general staff, as listed on the official staff list, must vote “no confidence” for the vote to be binding.

Unexcused Absences from Executive Board Meetings: If any Executive Board member has three unexcused absences from Executive Board meetings during a single semester, he/she will automatically be removed from the Executive Board. Excused absences include class work, work-study, or anything falling under the discretion of beforehand. A warning will be given by the general manager after the second missed meeting. The executive may be re-instated in the following manner: the executive must appear at the next Executive Board meeting, present his/her case, and a majority vote will be needed for re-instatement.

*In the event of impeachment, the removed Executive Board member may re-apply for the position if he/she wishes, and shall receive the same consideration as the other applicants.

Article VII. Faculty Advisor
The faculty advisor will not exercise a vote on any matters of policy, but will act as a resource and will advise the Executive Board regarding important decisions. The faculty advisor will keep him/herself informed of KJNB activities and happenings. The honorarium amount will be determined at the end of the school year based on performance. Election of an advisor requires a formal nomination at an Executive Board meeting. After all candidates have been nominated, the Executive Board will vote on the nominees. If any candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, that candidate is then selected as the new advisor. If no one receives 50%, the candidate with the lowest total is dropped from the list, and voting proceeds in this manner until a candidate receives 50% of the vote. This process is to be repeated at the beginning of each executive staff term.

Article VIII. Honorariums
The Executive staff at the beginning of each school year will vote upon budgeting of Salaries. Salaries shall be reviewed at the end of each school year. Salaries may be revised according to performance. A majority vote is required for passage.

The proposed honorarium amounts are as follows:

General Manager $200.00
Program Director $150.00
Associate Program Director $100.00
Music Director $150.00
Associate Music Director $100.00
Technology Director $100.00
Marketing Director $100.00
News Director $100.00
Sports Director $100.00
General Staff Representative $100.00
Staff Accountant $100.00
Engineer $100.00
Fundraising Director $100.00 + 1% of the profits from midnight oil, but not exceeding $200.00

Article IX. Resignations

A. Executive Staff
The resigning executive shall write a letter of resignation addressed to the Executive Staff. The resigning executive shall attend the meeting when the resignation is to be discussed.

Article X. Parliamentary Authority
In the absence of a conflict with a standing rule of KJNB, a casual interpretation of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the Parliamentary Authority of KJNB and all its meetings. The General Manager retains the right to instate strict adherence of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised for the duration of the meeting if s/he deems it necessary.

Article XI. Amendments
The Constitution shall be reviewed annually and relevant changes shall be implemented as follows:

  1. The changes shall be presented to the Executive Staff at a meeting
  2. One week later, the Executive Staff shall vote on the changes
  3. A 2/3 vote is required to ratify any changes

Article XII.
KJNB Radio admits students without regard to their race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and other activities, generally accorded or made available to members of the organization.

KJNB Radio considers hazing to be a degrading and destructive activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. KJNB Radio recognizes the dignity of every person and opposes all forms of hazing.