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How can you ensure thoughtful use of college resources? How can you demonstrate your commitment to Saint Ben’s or St. John's students? By making a gift via electronic fund transfer! It is easy, secure, and provides a reliable source of funding for student scholarships. EFT is a quick, automatic way to make regular contributions, allowing you to divide your gift into automatic monthly or quarterly installments.

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Books/DVDs for the Saint Benedict's Monastery Library Anyone?


 Saint Benedict's Monastery has always had its own library within the monastery.

 While it's specialized collection focuses on monasticism, theology, spirituality, liturgy,

 Catholicism, etc.,  it includes fiction and many other literary genres. Retired faculty

 and staff frequently donate contemporary fiction, biography, memoirs, poetry,

  non-fiction and DVD's for which we are grateful.  As you may expect, we don't "do"

  harlequin romances, graphically violent murder mysteries, or poorly written books of any kind. 

  To make a donation of books/DVDs, contact S. Katherine Kraft via email at [email protected].