Report Sexual Misconduct

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University comply with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits discrimination (including sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual violence) based on sex in the institutions' educational programs and activities. The college and university have zero tolerance for sexual misconduct in any form.

This online reporting system is designed to receive detailed reports of sexual harassment and sexual violence. It will request detailed information about your report. You may skip any questions that you do not wish to answer. It is your right to remain anonymous in your report, if you choose. You are encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible to allow the institution(s) to investigate and respond as appropriate. The institution(s) may be limited in their ability to investigate an anonymous report.

Information about the institutions’ complaint process is found on the Sexual Misconduct Policy page.

You are encouraged to contact one of the following representatives to discuss initiating a complaint.

College of Saint Benedict

  • CSB Lead Title IX Coordinator, Tamara Hennes-Vix, [email protected], 320-363-5943
  • CSB Faculty and Staff: Associate HR Director and Deputy Title IX Coordinator; Chantel Braegelmann, [email protected], 320-363-5071

Saint John’s University (including School of Theology)

  • SJU Students: Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator; Michael Connolly, [email protected], 320-363-3171 Director of Student Services, School of Theology and Lead Title IX Coordinator, Patty Weishaar,  [email protected], 320-363-2113
  • SJU Faculty and Staff: Associate HR Director and Deputy Title IX Coordinator; Chantel Braegelmann, [email protected], 320-363-5071
  • SOT Students, Faculty and Staff: Interim Dean, SJU School of Theology·Seminary and Deputy Title IX Coordinator; Dale Launderville, OSB, [email protected], 320-363-3389; after July 1, 2022, contact Shawn Colberg, Dean of the SJU School of Theology/Seminary, [email protected], 320-363-3188

If you choose to submit a report via this online system, your submission will be forwarded to the above appropriate personnel in a timely and confidential manner. If you choose to include your name with your submission, an appropriate person will follow up with you to discuss the process of initiating a complaint. Information gathered through this system will be used to initiate a complaint, where possible. Upon receiving a report of a violation of the policy (either through any of the individuals above or via this online form), the institution(s) will seek the complainant's permission, where possible, to proceed with a complaint proceeding. The institution(s) may be limited in their ability to investigate an anonymous report.

You are encouraged to report violations of institutional policies to campus authorities. You are encouraged to report criminal behavior to law enforcement authorities. Below is contact information for on-campus and off-campus organizations serving victims of sexual violence:

  • Emergency: 911
  • Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center: (320) 251-4357
    CMSAC is a 24-hour crisis intervention center for victims of all forms of sexual violence. The Center’s purpose is to provide non-judgmental direct services to victims of sexual assault, their families and friends, to provide professional training and prevention education regarding sexual assault; and to improve the coordination of services of various agencies that deal with sexual assault and its victims.
  • Campus Security (CSB): 363-5000
  • Life Safety (SJU): 363-2144
  • St. Cloud Hospital Emergency Trauma Center: (320) 255-5656

CSB and/or SJU are obligated under federal law to investigate all complaints related to possible Title IX violations and sexual misconduct complaints. Reporting information on this form indicates your understanding and agreement that the information reported on this form and the information provided to the investigator may need to be shared with the respondent and other witnesses. The information may also be shared with CSB and/or SJU administrators and others involved in administering the complaint procedures. Any information that is shared will be done in a way that protects and respects the privacy of those involved as much as possible.