Registration, Housing & Financial Policies Overview

All students – including all full-time or part-time continuing, returning/readmitted, transfer and continuing education (CE) students – must be registered for classes by noon on the Friday before the semester begins. Students not registered by this date may have their enrollment status cancelled.

Registered students may adjust their schedules to drop or add full-term courses, during the first five days of the semester.

Students are eligible to register only if they have no registration “holds” on their records or accounts. Offices that place holds on records and accounts include Academic Advising, Health Services, Registrar, and Student Accounts. Please read below for details regarding specific holds and steps required to release holds.

Academic Advising

P: (CSB) 320-363-5687
E:[email protected]

  • Please talk to your faculty advisor or the Academic Advising Office before you begin the registration process.
  • All students must meet with their faculty advisor to obtain their registration PIN.
  • Students who are on academic probation also must meet with their assigned advisor from the Academic Advising Office.
  • All students must be fully or conditionally accepted into their major by the end of their sophomore year.

For additional help regarding academic holds, academic probation, selection of a faculty advisor, or acceptance to an academic major, contact the Office of Academic Advising.

Financial Aid

P: (CSB) 320-363-5388
(SJU) 320-363-3664
E: [email protected]

  • Students must enroll for 12 or more credits per semester to receive federal and institutional financial aid as a full-time student.
  • Minnesota State Grant recipients must enroll for 15 credits per term to receive full State Grant eligibility.
  • Students enrolled less than full-time may still be eligible for Minnesota state grants or federal grants and loans, but at a reduced level.
  • Students and families should complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by June 1.

Additional information about financial policies and requirements can be found at

Health Services

P: (CSB) 320-363-5605
(SJU) 320-363-3236
E: [email protected]

  • All students must comply with Minnesota Immunization Regulations to register for classes.
  • Health forms are available on the Counseling and Health Promotion website.

Residential Life and Housing

College of Saint Benedict

P: 320-363-5580
E: [email protected]

Saint John's University

P: 320-363-3512
E: [email protected]

  • Students must be registered for fall courses in order to participate in the on-campus room selection process.
  • All students who wish to select on-campus housing must be registered at least 24 hours in advance of their designated date for the Room Selection Process.
  • Students must also be registered for fall classes to be eligible to select summer housing and live on-campus during the summer months.

For additional help with student housing, students should contact the appropriate residence life office.

Registrar's Office

P: (SJU) 320-363-3396
E: [email protected]

  • All students must have submitted a final high school transcript to remain eligible for registration as a continuing student.
  • Students with junior class standing must complete their application for a degree by the end of their junior year.
  • All students who have received notices regarding degree deficiencies must respond to those notifications.

Essential information about the registration process is available on the Registrar’s Office website.

Student Accounts

P: 320-363-2193
E: [email protected]

  • All students must have resolved any accounts outstanding from the previous semester to remain eligible for enrollment in a new semester.
  • Failure to pay a student account may result in the Student Accounts Offices holding or cancelling registration. Your student account includes tuition, fees, housing, food, bookstore charges, fines, and finance charges.
  • A payment agreement form must be on file with the Student Accounts Office before a student can register for classes. This form can be completed electronically on the Student Account website.
  • If you require a student SELF loan or parent PLUS loan to pay all or part of your semester fees, you must have completed the loan application and received a disbursement date from the lender.

Additional information about costs, accounts, billing, and payment can be found at the Student Accounts website. If you have additional questions or concerns about your student account or your ability to pay your account, or if you have a financial hold on your account, please contact the Student Accounts Office.

Summer Employment

P: (CSB) 320-363-5399
(SJU) 320-363-3664
E: [email protected]

  • Students who have not yet earned their degree and plan to return the following semester must be registered to be eligible for summer employment.
  • Students may not reside on campus in the summer until they have registered for fall classes.

If you have questions about your eligibility for summer employment, please contact the Student Employment Office.

Student Development

College of Saint Benedict

P: 320-363-5601
Academic Services Building (ASB) 008

Saint John's University

P: 320-363-2737
Sexton Commons 122

W: Sexual Misconduct Policy

  • All students must comply with Minnesota State Regulations to complete sexual misconduct training.
  • AAn online training course is made available to students prior to their first semester at CSB/SJU.

For additional questions or assistance, students should contact the appropriate Title IX Coordinator.