Withdrawing from a Course

Students may drop or withdraw from a course during the semester under the following policy:

  • If you withdraw before or during the "A" Mod, no entry will appear on your transcript.
  • If you withdraw between the end of the "A" Mod and the first day of the "D" Mod, the title of the course will be followed by the mark "W" on your transcript. The "W" grade is a value-free grade that will not affect the grade point average.
  • If for whatever reason you have failed to fulfill the accepted requirements of a course during any full-term semester,  you may withdraw from that course without receiving a failing grade before the final 16 class days of the semester.  If you fail to withdraw before this date--which is specifically indicated in the calendar printed in the Class Schedule for each term, you may be subject to a failing grade at the end of the semester.
  • In courses scheduled for less than a full term, withdrawal during the first third of the course will result in no record entry; during the second third, a "W" entry; during the final third, a grade of "F" (failure). 

The specific dates for each of these deadlines are can be found in the Class Schedule for that term.

Forms for dropping or withdrawing from a course can be found on the online forms page.  These forms are for use after the 5th day of class when signatures are required.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the student, not the instructor, to submit a request to drop or withdraw from a course.

See also Academic Catalog: Withdrawal from Courses