Graduation Policy

  • A degree application must be submitted to the Registrar's Office prior to the awarding of a degree from the College of Saint Benedict or Saint John's University.
  • An email is sent spring semester to all CSB/SJU Juniors inviting them to complete a degree application.
  • A degree application allows students the privilege to participate in the May commencement ceremony.
  • Emails are sent to students three times during their senior year, September, February, and April, to encourage them to check their progress towards graduation in Degree Works.
  • Students may participate in the May commencement ceremony if they are within 8 credits of completing all degree requirements.
  • Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, a diploma and transcripts are sent to all graduates at their permanent address.
  • Students who leave CSB/SJU may transfer up to eight semester credits from another accredited institution of higher education to complete their degree requirements.

See also Academic Catalog: Graduation