Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I enter my grades online?

Grades are entered through Banner Self-Service.  For instructions, see Faculty Grading.

I entered my grades on Banner but am told an incomplete I submitted is still missing.  What happened?

When you enter grades on your roster, after hitting "submit" you will come to a second screen where you are asked to verify the incomplete.  You must hit submit a second time for the incomplete to post to the student's record.  If you omit the second step, the incomplete will not post & the grade will show as blank.

How do I submit a grade change?

Grade changes cannotbe made through Banner.  A grade change can be submitted using our online forms:

Where can I find information on the official grade policy of the university?

See Faculty Grading

How do I approve an online form request?

  • Click on the link embedded in the email message you received.  Indicate your decision, type your name (signature) & submit.
  • You can also review all pending form approvals in Forms Manager.

Where do I find a list of all courses that have been approved be meet Common Curriculum requirements?

See Common Curriculum

Where do I find the Final Exam Schedule?

See Registration and Class Schedules

Is there a place I can go to run rosters, lists & other helpful items?

Department chairs and coordinators have access to many useful reports through the Online Department Reports.

If you need more complex lists or reports, submit a Data Request.

I want to view previous versions of the printed (book) class schedules.  Are they available for viewing?

See Previous Class Schedules dating back to Fall 2001