Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Registration Tips
Registration Questions

Registration Tips

Know your registration time

  • Registration times are assigned first by cohort groups based on when you started college. Then, these cohort groups are sorted according to the total number of credits at CSB/SJU, both earned and currently registered. Graduate students (SOT) & senior cohort register first, junior cohort, sophomore cohort, and finally the first-year cohort.
  • After all current students have had the opportunity to register, new students and non-degree seeking students are allowed to register for courses. Non-degree seeking students can begin registration on August 1 (for Fall semester) and on December 1 (for Spring semester).

Know your Registration PIN

  • Your faculty advisor will give you this number at your advising session. Please remember to keep this number in a safe place.
  • This PIN allows you to add/drop classes through the first 5 days of the semester.
  • If you are unsure if you have a correct/valid registration pin, you can always verify your pin by attempting to log into class registration. If you attempt to login with an invalid registration pin, you will get the following error message "Invalid alternate pin, please try again."

Know Banner Self-Service

Banner Self-Service is the system you use to register for your classes online. See Login Instructions.

General Registration Questions

How do I register for a course that has a prerequisite that I completed somewhere other than CSB/SJU?

If you took a course at another college which is a required prerequisite of a CSB/SJU course, you must contact the Registrar's Office to be registered.

How do I register for a course that has a restriction or prerequisite that I have not met but feel that I am qualified to take?

If you have not taken the prerequisite, you must contact the department to seek approval to register for the course by completing the Override request form.

How do I register for a course that is closed due to enrollment limit being met?

You must contact the instructor or department to seek approval to register for the course by completing the Override request form.

How do I take a course for S/U grading?

See S/U Grading and the Academic Catalog

How do I "audit" a course? What happens if I "audit" a course?

See Auditing a Course

How do I register for an independent study (ILP)?

See ILPs & Internships

How do I register for an internship?

See ILPs & Internships and Experiential Learning and Community Engagement Office website

How do I register for a course at St. Cloud State under the Tri-College agreement?

See Tri-College Registration - SCSU

How do I take a graduate level course for undergraduate credit?

Petition to enroll in Graduate Level Theology Course

What is the maximum amount of credits I can take per semester without an extra charge?
What happens if I need to register for more than 18 credits in any given semester?

See Credit Overload

Credit totals of 18 or more credits requires the student to seek the approval of an advisor in the Academic Advising Office. Students whose cumulative grade point average is below 2.00 may not register for an overload.

See Student Accounts for overload fees

What if I repeat a course? What happens?

See Repeating a Course