Preparing for Registration

  • Schedule a meeting with your primary faculty advisor well in advance of your registration date.
  • Using Degree Works in Banner Web, review your progress toward completing the Common Curriculum and major/minor requirements
  • Review course offerings in Banner
    • Consider balance between major/minor/Common Curriculum courses.
    • Consider balance in courses that may require more/less focus
    • Know what classes you NEED to take as well as those you WANT to take.
    • Have a back-up plan in case your first-choice courses are unavailable at the time of registration.
    • Familiarize yourself with course descriptions in the online academic catalog and/or in Banner Web's course listing (by clicking on the CRN and then "view catalog copy").
  • Meet with your primary faculty advisor
    • Review your Common Curriculum and major/minor requirements in Degree Works
    • Inquire about specific courses that may be recommended for the upcoming semester
    • Review your first-choice and back-up classes.
    • Receive your registration PIN number. 
    • Consider sending PIN to yourself via e-mail so you find it if you wish to change your schedule later.
  • Register for courses at the appointed time, based on number of credits already completed.
    • Be flexible if your first-choice classes are unavailable.
    • Help maintain the small class sizes by limiting over-enrollment requests
    • Seek assistance as appropriate.



See Academic Four-Year Planner for additional information:

Link to Common Curriculum Information: