Department and Subject Codes

Following is a list of Subject Codes and Departments: 

ACSC                     Academic Skills Center

ACFN                    Accounting & Finance

ART                      Art

ASIA                     Asian Studies

ASTR                     Astronomy

BCHM                   Biochemistry

BIOL                     Biology

CHEM                   Chemistry

CHIN                     Chinese

CLAS                      Classics

COLG                     Course of the College

COMM                  Communication

CSCI                       Computer Science

CSD                        Cultural and Social Difference

DATA                    Data Analytics

DSCI                      Data Science

DOCT                    Doctrinal Theology

EBS                        English for Bilingual Students

ECON                    Economics

EDUC                    Education

ENGL                     English

ENVR                    Environmental Studies

ENTR                     Entrepreneurship

ESL                         English as a Second Language

ETHS                      Ethics

EXHS                     Exercise and Health Science

FREN                     French

FYS                         First Year Seminar

GBUS                    Global Business

GEND                    Gender Studies

GEOG                    Geography

GEOL                     Geology

GERM                   German

GREK                     Greek

HCHR                    History of Christianity

HISP                      Hispanic Studies

HIST                       History

HONR                   Honors

INTG                      Integrations Curriculum

ISCI                        Integrative Science

JAPN                      Japanese

LANG                    Languages (SOT Only)

LATN                     Latin

LLAS                      Latino & Latin American Studies

LMUS                    Liturgical Music

LNGS                     Languages

LTGY                     Liturgical Studies

MATH                   Mathematics

MILS                      Military Science

MONS                   Monastic Studies

MORL                   Moral Theology

MUSC                   Music

NRSG                    Nursing

NUTR                    Nutrition

PCST                      Peace Studies

PHIL                       Philosophy

PHYS                     Physics

POLS                     Political Science

PSYC                      Psychology

PTHM                   Pastoral Theology and Ministry

SA                          Study Abroad

SOSC                     Social Science (Division)

SOCI                      Sociology

SPIR                       Spiritual Theology

SSOT                     Scripture, Old Testament

SSNT                     Scripture, New Testament

THEA                     Theater

THEO                    Theology, Undergraduate

THY                        Theology, Graduate