Common Curriculum Guide

How does this guide work?

If you are a student who needs to complete the Common Curriculum, then you begin by locating the requirement you wish to fulfill in the first column. The second column is the type of course you would need to register for starting in Fall 2020 to successfully complete your remaining Common Curriculum requirements.

Common Curriculum Integrations Curriculum

Ethics (ETHS)
Experiential Learning (EL)
Fine Arts (FA)

Cultural and Social Difference (CS)
Experiential Engagement (EX)
Artistic Expression (AE)

Gender (GE)
Intercultural Learning (IC)

Culture and Social Difference: Identities (CI)

Humanities (HM)
Language (LANG)
Mathematics (MT)
Natural Science (NS)
Social Science (SS)
Lower Division Theology (THEO 111)
Upper Division Theology (TU)

Human Experience (HE)
Language (LANG)
No equivalencies
Natural World (NW)
Social World (SW)
Theological Explorations (THEO 100)
Theological Integrations (TI)

Special Note: A Cultural and Social Difference: Identities (CI) course fulfills BOTH the Gender (GE) AND Intercultural Learning (IC) requirements.