Psychological effects of studying abroad

You are invited to be in a research study looking at the psychological effects of studying abroad. We are interested in the psychological changes that occur after the student’s return home from a study abroad experience. To do this, we are having participants complete a survey asking about their study abroad experience such as country studied in, length of sojourn, and questions related to their emotional state upon returning. We ask that you read these instructions and ask any questions you may have before agreeing to be in the study. If you have any questions, please email Laura Turkowski (email address: [email protected]). In order to complete this survey, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you are younger than 18, you are not eligible.

The purpose of this honors thesis study is to examine different emotional states that are affected by the re-entry process after studying abroad such as anxiety, feelings of alienation, depression, and perceived social support. If you agree to be in this study, we would ask you to complete the following survey. The survey itself shouldn't be longer than fifteen minutes, and can be significantly less.

This study has no known risks. However, some of the questions may be personal or sensitive. If at any time during the survey you feel uncomfortable, please stop taking the survey. If you decide to quit taking the survey you will not be penalized. For any further problems, please contact Laura Turkowski. The benefits of participation are increased understanding of emotions that you experienced or are currently experiencing while re-adjusting from studying abroad.

Confidentiality regarding the records of this study is kept private. In any sort of report we might publish, we will not include any information that will make it possible to identify a participant. Research records will be kept in a locked file; only the researchers will have access to the records. You will not be asked your name or other identifying information in the study. Your participation in this study is completely anonymous and confidentiality is enforced.

Your decision whether or not to participate will not affect your current or future relations with the College of Saint Benedict, Saint John’s University, or the psychology department.

The researchers conducting this study are Laura W. Turkowski and Dr. Richard Wielkiewicz. You may email any questions you have now. If you have questions later, you may contact Laura at 651.295.7493 or Richard at 320.255.9558. You may also email the head researcher at [email protected] If you wish to have a copy of this consent for your records please print this screen.

I have read the above information. I have asked questions and have received answers. I consent to participate in the research. I certify to the fact that I am 18. By continuing on in this survey, and by my continued involvement, I am demonstrating my consent.

Would you like to continue?