Teaching Practicum (PSYC 399)

  • Each student enrolled in Teaching Practicum becomes a Teaching Intern (TI) and teaches two 55-minute Introductory Psychology labs per week. Classes are comprised of 8-12 students who are concurrently enrolled in Introductory Psychology lecture.
  • In addition to obtaining hands-on teaching experience, each TI works with other Teaching Interns to design and present the agenda, materials, and procedure for 1 of the lab sessions.
  • The TI is responsible for grading homework and participation for students in his/her lab, and also calculates mid-term and semester lab grades.
  • In addition to being a teacher, a TI is also a student. TIs attend Teaching Practicum on Tuesdays and Thursdays where they debrief past labs, run through upcoming labs, and discuss issues about teaching. The seminar is co-taught by a faculty member and the Psychology Department Coordinator.

What are the benefits?

  • Fulfills the Senior Capstone requirement (Group 2 course)
  • Students are allowed to enroll in more than one psychology Capstone course. Even if you are planning to satisfy the Psychology Capstone requirement in another way, such as an honors thesis or a seminar, you can still enroll in the Teaching Practicum - the credits would count as elective credits within the Psychology major.
  • Develop working relationships with Psychology Faculty
  • Review Psychology concepts for the GRE and graduate school
  • Gain valuable experience that you can list on applications for jobs and graduate school
  • Develop important teaching skills
  • Have fun learning and facilitating learning

Who is eligible?

Teaching Practicum is an opportunity available to senior psychology majors. The faculty instructor reviews applications and selects about 12 students to participate

What do I need to do to take advantage of this opportunity?

Teaching Practicum is an opportunity available to psychology majors and is to be taken either in the fall or spring of Senior year. If you are interested in participating in the Teaching Practicum program you will need to apply the spring of your junior year. The opportunity will be advertised by the department coordinator via e-mail in January and February. Applications typically consist of a cover letter and a transcript and are usually due in late February.