Year-By-Year Program

Although there is flexibility in the major, there is also structure.  It is important to understand that the following is only a model, not the norm, and not exactly how one's schedule should look.  If a student is accelerated due to having college equivalent psychology courses in high school, this model still applies in basic structure and requirements, but the student may need to adjust the time frames.  Whatever the situation, it is important to take note of this model, and modify it if necessary.

 The best strategy to successfully complete the psychology major in four years or less is to complete PSYC 111, 221, and 235 during the first year and sophomore year.  Then, take an even amount of psychology classes each semester until graduation (about 8 credits a semester your junior and senior years).   




First Year

PSYC 111: Introduction to Psychology (fall or spring)
PSYC 221: Applied Behavioral Statistics (fall concurrent with 111, or spring)
*Complete an Academic Advisor Request Form to have an advisor in the department assigned to you.

Sophomore Year

PSYC 235: Research Methods (fall or spring, must have completed 221)
Elective #1 (usually in concurrence with or after 235 completion) - check prerequisites for 300-level courses

Junior Year

Fall Semester: 8 credits in psychology (possibly 305, 310, 320, 330, 340, 360, 370, 381, or 390, or electives)
Spring Semester: 8-12 credits in psychology (possibly 304, 310, 320, 331, 341, 347, 349, 360, 370, 381, or 390, or electives)

Senior Year

Fall Semester: (possibly one or two from this group)

Psychology 392- History of Psychology

Psychology 393- Psychology Seminar (4) (Does NOT Fulfill Ethics Seminar Requirement)

Psychology 396- Senior Thesis (1-4) (Full Year)

Honors 398- Senior All College Thesis (1-4) (Full Year)   

Psychology 399- Teaching Practicum (4)

Psychology 397- Psychology Internship

 Spring Semester: 4-12 elective credits in psychology (or above listed courses, except for Senior Project)

 In the end, one will have taken 44 credits minimum in psychology. Hopefully this has helped you understand the requirements and the flexibility of the psychology major, and how they interact. For a checklist to help keep track and plan the progress that you are making toward fulfilling the psychology major requirements, click here.