Jobs and Internships


Opportunities range widely; students have worked in a variety of business organization, abuse treatment centers, court system settings and mental health agencies. Professors in the department, as well as the CSB/SJU internship program director, are available to assist students in arranging a semester or summer experience.

Psychology Teaching Practicum

The practicum offers senior psychology majors teaching experience by assisting with introductory psychology labs.

Career Opportunities for Psychology Majors

Students may choose to further pursue their interest in psychology by attending graduate school or they may utilize their psychology background in a variety of career areas, such as business, teaching, law or medicine. Graduates contend that a strong liberal arts education coupled with a psychology major offers them a variety of career options. Of the 70 annual graduating seniors, about 20 percent pursue graduate studies immediately following the completion of their bachelor’s degree. A total of about 40 percent of graduates go directly into the workforce in a psychology-related field such as chemical dependency, forensics or mental health counseling. Others use their psychology degrees in areas like sales, marketing or insurance.