Research for 2001-2002

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Andrea Booth - "Hormone Dynamics in Participants Viewing High Stakes Sporting Events: Relationship to Community Violence." (Student Honors Thesis)

Chrissi Boulton - "Sexism in Publishing." (Student Honors Thesis)

Amanda Creed - Amanda served as a research assistant investigating issues of college student development. She also worked as an advanced research assistant regarding the assessment of the "Theological Reflection on Vocation" Lilly Grant received by SJU and the theology department this past year.

Tomas Holtberg - "The Personality of Richard M. Nixon: A Comparison of Psychohistorical Approaches and a Psychodiagnostic Analysis of His Undoing." (Student Honors Thesis)

Steven Loos - Steven looked at the correlation between one's attitudes toward leadership and one's personal approach to learning.

Jessica Manthie - "The Political Personalities of Michael Collins and Eamonn de Valera." (Student Honors Thesis)

Andrea Priley - "The Impact of the Introduction to Psychology Lab Program on Undergraduate Students." (Student Honors Thesis)

Elena Rosas - "Children's Preferences Toward Doctors: A Pilot Study Focusing on Ethnicity and Gender" (Student Honors Thesis)

Nicole Slavik- Nicole worked with Dr. Linda Mealey on her "Sexism in Publishing" research

Krista Thompson - "Sexism in Publishing"

Sara Wonderlich - Sara has been assessing the impact of the St. John's Lilly Grant, promoting "Theological Reflection on Vocation

Andrea Booth

In 1992, newspapers were full of discussion about a just-published study that suggested that violence towards women increased on SuperBowl Sunday. The authors claimed that football models violence, and because more people watch the SuperBowl than any other football game, violence toward women would, at that time, reach a peak. However, other researchers have shown that testosterone levels rise with winning and drop with losing. Testosterone is also closely related to aggression and so might explain increases in violence by fans after viewing their team win an important match. To test this possibility, saliva was sampled from observers of competitive sporting events and assayed for: testosterone, cortisol, and DHEA. Analyses involved: (1) describing the dynamics of T, C, and DHEA from baseline to various points in each game as the participants' team was winning of losing; (2) comparing contact "violent" sports and non-contact "non-violent" sports; and (3) assessing hospital and police records for incidences of fighting, battering, and other forms of aggression on dates of wins vs. losses of important home team competitions. Neither analysis of hormones nor analysis of community violence supported a sports-aggression connection, suggesting that the initial study reported an alpha error.

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Amanda Creed

Amanda served as a research assistant investigating issues of college student development. The project was designed to test for relationships between Self Concept Clarity and Self-Complexity in college students. Other variables regarding college student development were also investigated. As part of the College Student Development survey, Amanda examined the relationship between identity status and religious motivation.

Amanda is also serving as an advanced research assistant regarding the assessment of the "Theological Reflection on Vocation" Lilly Grant received by SJU and the theology department this past year. A longitudinal study will be designed and implemented in order to track the effectiveness of programs implemented from this grant.

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 Steven Loos

Steven is investigating how attitudes toward leadership are related to a student's self-description of their personal approach to learning and academics. The survey has been developed and is in the early stages of distributing the survey to a representative sample of CSB/SJU students. He hopes that the data collection will be complete by the end of the semester and that a manuscript will be ready for submission to a journal by early summer.

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 Andrea Priley

Andrea has been researching the teaching internship, one of the capstone experiences for senior psychology majors at St. John's and St. Ben's. Surveys were sent out to the former teaching interns of Introduction to Psychology labs, asking various questions about their experience during the teaching internship. Surveys were also given out in upper division Psychology courses to students who have taken the Introduction to Psychology course here. It was found that the teaching internship was an overall beneficial experience for the former interns, and it was also found that the lab was an overall beneficial experience for the students.

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Elena Rosas

Elena's study is a pilot study that examines children's perceptions of doctors as it pertains to race and gender through a survey that has been created for this purpose. The children that participate are shown a variety of drawings that depict doctors of different races and genders and are asked to rate their comfort level with having each as their doctor. Elena hopes to obtain a sample of children that contains relatively equal numbers of the following ethnicities: Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian. The drawings will reflect these four populations, with a male and female representative from each ethnicity comprising the total set of drawings shown (8 pictures in all). The ethnicity and gender of the children will be recorded along with their responses to the survey.

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Nicole Slavik

Nicole worked with Dr. Linda Mealey on her "Sexism in Publishing" research. The goal was to find out whehter or not males cite males more often than females in psychology journals and do females cite females more than males in psychology journals. Nicole looked up names of authors cited throughout a specific number of journals. She first had to find out the first names and then find out whether or not they were male or female. Nicole mainly used the internet to find the names. Some were difficult to find, and in those cases the author of the article was emailed and asked directly.

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Krista Thompson

Krista is working with Christine Boulton on her Senior Project. Her role is to look up each of the reference names in the bibliography to find a first name (since names are cited without a first name and just the initial) and the gender of the author cited. There are anywhere from 10 to 40+ names on any one article. Krista has also compiled the appendix for Christine's paper on websites. She used creative means to "surf" the net for journals, authors, unpublished thesis papers, statistics and more to find the first names of these authors.

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Sara Wonderlich

Sara has been conducting research assessing the impact of the St. John's Lilly Grant promoting "Theological Reflection on Vocation." In assessing the impact of the Lilly Grant, St. John's University will be able to use the assessment in clarifying whether or not programs implemented have increased student and faculty awareness and understanding of spiritual reflection and vocation in their own lives.

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