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All CSB/SJU faculty have unique and varying research interests. As a featured example of this, the following is Dr. Richard Wiekiewicz’s response to a question regarding his research interest (with details of other faculty research interests coming soon):

  1. Quantitative methods: I teach Applied Behavioral Statistics and Tests and Measures. I’m interested in many aspects of psychometrics. I have developed a measure of attitudes toward leadership and published several related articles. I developed a multiple choice test we have used to assess student learning of the content of the psychology curriculum. I am doing research on an unpublished measure of leadership processes in organizations. I am interested in almost any student project that involves surveys and/or survey development. Most recently, I was the faculty moderator for a study of perfectionism.
  2. Principles of Learning and Behavior: My graduate dissertation was on the topic of the differential outcomes effect and I have several publications in this area. However, I later migrated to the area of school psychology and even wrote and published a book on applying behavior management principles in a school setting. Often, I assist students who are interested in a career in school psychology. My approach to teaching Principles of Learning tends to emphasize applications such as how the media influence us and how to use behavior management principles appropriately.
  3. The environment: I am a strong believer in the need for society to move in a more sustainable direction. I drive a gas-electric hybrid called the Prius. I regularly teach a seminar on Psychology and the Environment and I bring up environmental issues frequently in my other classes. I have a couple of specific research and teaching ideas I would like to pursue that are directly related to the environment and environmental issues.
  4. Leadership: With my colleague, Stephen Stelzner, I have been interested in how ecological principles can be applied to better understanding leadership processes. Some of my psychometric research relates to this area of interest and I have several related on-going writing projects. A book may eventually be another outcome of this interest.
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