Course Descriptions

Required Courses for all Psychology Majors:

Psychology 111: Introductory Psychology

Prerequisite to all upper-division psychology courses. Survey of the major content areas of psychology, introducing the basic vocabulary, concepts, principles, and theories of the discipline. Specific topics include history and methods of psychology; biological bases of behavior; sensation and perception; learning and memory; cognition, language, and intelligence; motivation and emotion; lifespan development; personality; psychological disorders; psychological treatment/psychotherapy; and social psychology. Students must register for PSYC 111L (lab) during the same semester as PSYC111. The PSYC 111 labs operate independently from the lecture series and are an opportunity to give students direct experience with psychological concepts and research techniques that might not be covered as in depth during lecture. Multiple sections offered every semester.

Psychology 221: Applied Behavioral Statistics

Understanding and analyzing data in psychology research; descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, appropriate use of statistics, use of computer to do necessary computations and data analysis. Prerequisite: 111 and Math Proficiency, QSI or MATH 115. Multiple sections offered every semester.

Psychology 235: Research Methods

Basic design and interpretation of empirical approaches to psychology. Emphasis on theory and practice of psychological experimentation and writing scientific reports. Prerequisite: 221. Multiple sections offered every semester.


If graduating in Spring 2021, you must complete Curriculum A:

Curriculum A Course Descriptions

If graduating in 2022-2024, you have the choice of completing Curriculum A or B: