Projected Course Offerings

This projected course schedule is tentative and may change.

Foundations Courses

Fall 2024
Spring 2025

PSYC 111 Introductory Psychology

PSYC 221 Applied Behavioral Statistics

PSYC 235 Research Methods

Processes Courses

Fall 2024
Spring 2025

PSYC 320 Principles of Learning and Behavior

PSYC 330 Sensation and Perception

PSYC 331 Cognitive Processes

PSYC 340 Physiological Psychology

Paths and Contexts Courses

Fall 2024
Spring 2025

PSYC 350 Social Psychology

PSYC 360 Developmental Psychology

PSYC 380 Personality Psychology

PSYC 381 Psychological Disorders

Capstone Courses

Fall 2024
Spring 2025

PSYC 392 History of Psychology

PSYC 393C Buddhist Psychology

PSYC 393B Personality Assessment and Criminal Psychology

Elective Courses

Fall 2024
Spring 2025

PSYC 108 Psychology of Gender

PSYC 309C Cross-Cultural Psychology

PSYC 309K The Amazing Brain

PSYC 309L Forensic and Legal Psychology

PSYC 310 Community Psychology

PSYC 343 Health Psychology

PSYC 349 Motivation and Emotion

PSYC 370 Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Additional Courses That Count for Psychology Elective Credits

Fall 2024
Spring 2025

ECON 329A Behavioral Economic Ideas

ECON 329B Behavioral Economic Analyses

EDUC 203 Development and Mental Health

EDUC 379A Educational Psychology

EXHS 324 Sport and Exercise Psychology

POLS 350D Political Psychology and Behavior