Investment Strategy

The Private Investment Fund seeks a diversified portfolio of investments in private companies. Diversification is sought across company stages and financing structures (venture capital, growth equity, company buyouts, mezzanine or subordinated debt), sectors and industries, geographies, and other risk-diversification factors. While the Fund may invest in early-stage companies or start-ups, late-stage/mezzanine investments are preferred as they generally have a more well-defined business model with lower execution and financing risks.

All investments made within this Fund meet the social responsibility guidelines of Saint John's University's Investment Policies.  

Direct Investments (examples) 

Aero Systems Engineering
Anulex Technologies
Cymbet Corp
Harland Medical Systems
Incisive Surgical
Omada Health
Platinum Bancorp
Preceptis Medical
Security American Financial Enterprises
Tactile Systems
Data Sciences Intl.

Case Studies

Fox Hollow

IPG Photonics