2021 Presidential Search

Search Timeline

The pre-search

It’s important to note that this structural change, appointment of a single president for CSB/SJU, is awaiting approval from our accrediting organization, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). We anticipate that approval coming in November. At that point we will begin the actual public search for candidates.

Prior to HLC approval though, there is still much internal work that can be done. Our consultants from Academic Search will be joining us here on the campuses the week of September 20-24 to conduct an extensive pre-search visit.

The search consultants will meet with a wide range of campus constituents in one-on-one, small-group and large-group sessions (some live and some via Zoom). There will be multiple opportunities for the campus communities to provide their input on the nature of this new role and the skills, qualifications and experiences sought in the new president. Academic Search will also be providing an online survey that will be sent to the campus communities as well as alumnae/i and friends of the institutions to allow for a wide range of input into the search process.

Tentative timeline*


September 13 and 14

Higher Learning Commission (HLC) visit

Week of Sept. 20, 2021

Pre-search visit by consultants to meet with campus communities

Late Sept. / Mid-Oct.

Search committee and consultants finalize search profile


Anticipated approval for new governance model

Late Fall

Recruitment of a strong, inclusive candidate pool

January 2022

Search committee selects shortlisted candidates for initial interviews

Late January

Search committee and consultants interview semi-finalist candidates


Finalist candidates are interviewed

Late February

Search committee submits report on finalist candidate to the Board of Trustees


Boards of Trustees select candidate of choice


Monastery/Abbey approve the candidate of choice


Contract is negotiated and finalized

July 1, 2022

New president assumes office

*The search timeline may be adjusted based on the timing of the HLC decision.