2021 Presidential Search

Launch for a Single-Leader President

Updates on the Search

November 15, 2021

Launch for a Single-Leader President

Dear Members of the CSB/SJU Community:

As you may be aware, we have been waiting for approval for the structural change from our accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission, before we could go live with our presidential search. We are delighted to inform you that we secured that approval on November 5 and have officially launched our search for a single-leader president for CSB/SJU.

You can access the job description here. In addition to advertising in a wide range of higher education publications, our search consultants from Academic Search are reaching out to a wide range of key individuals across the country to inform them about the position.

The Presidential Leadership Prospectus is a principal document that provides potential candidates details about the opportunity. It describes the key institutional needs and priorities of CSB/SJU, as well as a related set of desired characteristics for our single-leader president.

The work of developing the search prospectus began in earnest in late September. Our search consultants, Maya Ranchod Kirkhope and Scott Flanagan, hosted on-campus meetings with various constituent groups, campus-wide listening sessions, and administered surveys.

The Presidential Search Committee, together with our search consultants, have spent significant time discussing and revising the search prospectus with a wide range of internal and external constituent groups. The substantial and robust feedback, input, and recommendations with regard to the qualifications, experiences, and skills sought in the single-leader president were carefully considered in drafting the final document. We are very grateful for your suggestions, and we will seriously deliberate your input as we narrow down the candidate pool to select our semi-finalist and finalist candidates.

In addition to the above job profile and advertisements, active recruitment of potential candidates is underway and will continue until early January 2022. We strongly encourage everyone in the CSB/SJU community to suggest people you know who could serve effectively as our single-leader president or who might recommend potential candidates.

To nominate an individual for this position, please complete the confidential online nomination form on this website or forward the name(s) and contact information, including email address, to our consultants. The success of our search will depend on the involvement, support, and interest of all members of the CSB/SJU community.

Our search consultants already have begun to work on generating a strong and diverse pool of candidates. Over the next several weeks, they will reach out to their broad network of contacts to encourage applications and nominations, as well as follow up on nominations submitted by members of the CSB/SJU community.

The Presidential Search Committee will begin review of applications in early January and will identify a small group of candidates whose skills and expertise appear to be most closely related to our needs. The Search Committee will conduct off-site semi-finalist interviews in mid-January.

We will provide you with another update in a few weeks.


Bennett Morgan and Terry Dolan
Presidential Search Committee Co-chairs