Anna-Lisa Rustad

She sings in the all-college choir. She works in the admission office as a tour guide and office assistant. She plays intramural volleyball and softball. She spends her Thursday afternoons working with children ranging in age from Kindergarten to sixth grade at Kid's Hope in St. Cloud, leading a Bible Study and hanging out with the kids. She also devotes time to the elderly at a local nursing home and retirement center, helping out in the therapy department.

And to top off her list of activities, she is also a full-time college student.

Her name is Anna-Lisa Rustad, a College of Saint Benedict (CSB) sophomore from Clontarf, Minn. In addition to majoring in psychology, Anna-Lisa is enrolled in the pre-physical therapy (pre-PT) program at CSB.

Her interest in PT stems from a long-standing attraction to the medical field. On a college visit during her senior year of high school, Anna-Lisa encountered a list of medical-related jobs. PT immediately caught her attention.

As though she does not have enough to focus on, as a pre-PT student, Anna-Lisa faces the added pressure of looking at graduate schools. It may seem early, but each PT school has its own unique set of requirements for admission.

"Eventually, I want to move back to Minnesota to practice PT in a clinic or hospital setting," Anna-Lisa explained, "but in the meantime, I'm really looking into graduate schools out of state."

At this point, Anna-Lisa is looking into graduate schools in the Midwest, Arizona, Maine, and the West coast.

"I definitely recommend setting up a meeting with an advisor right away," if you're interested in pre-PT. "Look into the graduate schools and see what their requirements are, too."

When asked how she fits so many things into such a tight schedule, Anna-Lisa laughed and shook her head.

"I don't know," she admitted. "I really have no idea."