Aaron Hellem

Time management key to success in college

One of the first lessons college students learn is the importance of time management.

"Trying to manage time well is a big deal," said Saint John's University (SJU) junior Aaron Hellem.   "If you don't, you fall behind really quickly."

Balancing school with an on-campus job, baseball, and fishing club has given Aaron plenty of practice.  He is working towards a degree in biology with minors in sports medicine and psychology as a part of the pre-physical therapy program (pre-PT).

With his interest in biology and sports medicine, the psychology minor may seem a bit random.  However, the pre-PT program has a large psychology requirement.

"A lot of times the mental part of rehab is the hardest part," Aaron explained.  "It can be difficult to get someone ready mentally, not just physically, to go back to what they used to do."

His advice to any student even remotely interested in the pre-PT program is to meet with Don Fischer, the pre-physical therapy advisor.   "He will definitely tell you everything you need to know, and his enthusiasm is infectious."

After graduation, Aaron plans to go on to graduate school for a doctorate in physical therapy.  The junior from Lincoln, Neb., said he will most likely end up at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  Once he's finished with that, he hopes to set up his own practice working specifically with injured athletes.