Kelly Fladebo

 Why study pre-physical therapy at a liberal arts college?

Studying at a liberal arts college allows you to get a diverse education.  By taking theology, ethics, fine arts, humanities, etc., you learn how to tackle problems differently than from just a scientific standpoint.  You learn to look at the overall cause and effect of things, how to critically think about issues and gain a better understanding of how others may perceive the same problem.

What makes the pre-physical therapy program at CSB/SJU unique?

The science classes are challenging and help prepare you for graduate school later on.  The one thing I keep hearing from grads is how much the classes offered here have prepared them for the programs they're now in.

What has your experience with the CSB/SJU pre-physical therapy program faculty been like?

The pre-physical therapy faculty has been so helpful and encouraging.  They are very accessible and easy to talk to.  You can ask them anything such as what classes will look good on an application or what classes you should pair together or separate.  They're also available for the occasional reassurance after a rough test.

What has been one of the greatest challenges you've faced?

One of the greatest challenges I've faced is adapting to the course load.  It takes a little while to get used to a new routine, but it's very manageable.  Being an athlete and full time employee on campus, I've needed to learn to manage my time very efficiently.

What advice do you have for students considering the pre-physical therapy program?

Don't be afraid to ask questions or to get in contact with the people who can answer your questions.  Also, if you know upperclassmen, don't be afraid to ask them questions about classes or grad school preparation.