Pre-occupational Therapy

Emily Kieke

Meet Emily Kieke, a 2023 Exercise Health Science grad attending the College of Saint Scholastica for Occupational Therapy, class of 2025.

My pre-professional health advisor was Don Fischer, who was supportive the whole way through my time at CSB+SJU. The advisors here want you to be successful. In addition, the professors here are so dedicated to helping you succeed because in the future you will be their colleague in the professional world. They have a lot of connections that have helped me set up shadowing experiences. Don also sends us emails about summer jobs/ careers/ internships/ shadowing/ volunteering opportunities weekly or whenever he gets them.

What has prepared me most for my post graduate education are all the clubs we can join and professors who are dedicated. Both clubs and professors really set me up for success. There are clubs such as special Olympics, allied health, pre-med, pre-pa, (insert other pre prof clubs) that are both fun and look great on graduate school applications. These clubs have allowed me to get involved with the campus community, but the St. Joe and St. Cloud communities. In addition, taught me valuable skills that could not be taught in the classroom.

Emily Kieke

Emily Kieke ’23