Medical School Application Process

A typical timeline for applying following your junior year

A. Prerequisites

  1. You should complete your biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics prerequisites by spring of your junior year in order to be adequately prepared for the MCAT -- meet with a premed advisor or consult our curriculum planning guide.
  2. You can prepare for the MCAT as you take the science prerequisite courses.

B. Year 1 and Year 2

  1. Start researching allopathic and osteopathic medical schools - specific prerequisites, admission statistics, financial aid, academics, curriculum, student life, MISSION
  2. Osteopathic College Information Book
  3. AAMC Applying to Medical School site -- make sure you check this site out!
  4. Prepare yourself for the MCAT -- you may be able to take the test as early as the summer following your second year
  5. Have your extracurricular activities demonstrated a commitment to helping others? Participate in volunteer work and community service if you haven't done so already. Examples of such activities are:
    • hospice care
    • crisis-line counseling
    • working with victims of abuse
    • working with the elderly
    • working with developmentally delayed or physically disabled individuals
    • working with youth
    • any activities that expand understanding of one's self and others
  6. Have your extracurricular activities demonstrated ability for leadership and teamwork?
    • community organizations
    • team sports
    • student government
    • clubs
  7. Develop first hand knowledge of the medical profession through shadowing experiences, volunteer or paid work in a health care setting, contact with health care professionals
  8. Choose a major and primary advisor -- develop a four year plan
  9. Make contact with faculty early on in your college career in settings other than classroom; explore TA opportunities, research opportunities, independent projects -- this will later help you obtain strong letters of evaluation
  10. Educate yourself about issues in medicine -- READ
  11. Attend seminars and participate in events planned by the health pre-professional program and clubs

C. Year 3

  1. Narrow down list of allopathic and osteopathic medical schools you are thinking of applying to
  2. Continue volunteer work, community service, shadowing experiences
  3. Prepare for and take the MCAT
  4. In late fall or early spring meet with a pre-med advisor to discuss collection of letters of evaluation
  5. Collect letters of evaluation by early summer following the junior year
  6. Attend pre-med program meetings discussing the application process
  7. APPLY!
    • Start working on the AACOMAS application in late Spring. Submit the application as early as possible in the summer following your junior year since medical school admissions is a rolling process (you will be at an advantage if you apply early)
    • Submit secondary applications during the summer following your junior year
    • Request distribution of letters of evaluation

D. Year 4

  1. Interview
  2. If you are accepted, select school you will matriculate at. Consult with a premed advisor -- do not hold on to multiple spots since by doing so you are preventing these slots from being offered to other applicants.
  3. If you are not accepted you should meet with a premed advisor to discuss future options. What are you going to do in the next year or two? Are you re-applying? If so when? How can you best improve your application and make yourself more competitive? You should also meet with deans or director of admissions of medical schools where you were denied admission since they can be very helpful with suggestions to make your application more competitive the next time around. Regardless, do not reapply until there has been a substantial change in your application, merely reapplying with the same file is likely not to result in acceptance.