• English: 8 semester credits. Two composition courses are preferred; or one composition course, and one additional course in either literature or humanities that is writing intensive.
  • General Biology or Zoology: 8 semester credits. General zoology alone is acceptable, but not preferred.
  • Physics: 8 semester credits. Complete basic course series required.
  • General Principles of Chemistry: 8 semester credits. Complete basic course series required.
  • Organic Chemistry: 8 semester credits. Course content must include study of both the aliphatic and aromatic series. One-semester courses generally do not have sufficient credits or depth to be acceptable.
  • Biochemistry: 3 semester credits. The appropriate course will have the organic chemistry sequence as a prerequisite.
  • Mathematics: A minimum of 3 semester credits in one of the following courses: college algebra or precalculus by college credit or college validation, computer science, or statistics.

Note: Requirements may vary by school, please contact a specific school for specific requirements.  To learn about requirements at the UMN, visit University of Minnesota School of Dentistry Information.