Mock Trial

Mock Trial competitions are sponsored and administered by the American Mock Trial Association. Each team receives similar case materials at the beginning of the season to use to prepare for upcoming competitions. Included in the materials are case law, witness statements and rules of evidence. Each team must prepare both sides of the case (e.g. prosecution and defense in a criminal trial).

For each trial, six team members - three attorneys and three witnesses - attempt to portray their respective side of the case. The lawyers give opening statements, conduct direct examinations of their own witnesses and cross examinations of the other team's witnesses and present closing arguments. There are two judges who score the teams on the quality of the presentation of each attorney and witness The winner of the trial is not determined by the merits of the case (e.g. whether the judges would have convicted the defendant or not), but rather on the quality of the presentation.

The 2018-2019 Mock Trial season started off at Hamline University for a tournament featuring familiar MIAC schools like St. Thomas, Carleton, and Hamline, as well as bigger schools like the University of Minnesota, the University of North Dakota, and Northwestern University in Chicago. We took a team of 12 people to compete and had a great time (winning one of our trials with a team consisting mostly of people who have never done Mock Trial before!)

Later in the year, we look forward to competing at St. Olaf and at the dreaded St. Thomas. We look forward to further excelling and progressively getting better as the year goes on.

Anyone interested in joining us can feel free to email our account ([email protected]). We are always looking for interested people!

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Phil Kronebusch, Political Science, Simons 148, [email protected]

The 2017-2018 Mock Trial season started off really well. After a strong recruitment at the involvement fair, the Mock Trial team competed in its first meet of the year at the University of Minnesota. Next, we went on to Macalester College, in which we took 3 teams, and had a very strong showing at that meet, with one of our witnesses being named one of the tournament’s best! After winter break, we went deep into enemy territory (the Saint Thomas School of Law) and competed against some of the best teams in the state. At regionals in Macalester College, the team took 8 of our team members and faced great teams. We ended up being two wins away from advancing. Our very own Emily Twardy received both a top attorney award, and a top witness award for her excellent performances that weekend. Now we are looking forward to next year where we will regroup and hopefully perform event better than this year!