Political Science

CSB/SJU Debate Team

Debate students:
  • Research current events and construct arguments on a variety of domestic and international issues;
  • Learn the different structures of debate cases (policy, value and fact):
  • Learn numerous opposition arguments (disadvantages, counterplans, critiques, procedurals) used in competitive parliamentary debate;
  • Become familiar with issues and institutions at local, state, federal and international levels

Debate is open to students from all majors, including political science, economics and the natural sciences. We also welcome students have previous debate experience or are novices. Alums of our team have consistently testified that participating in Speech and Debate was one of the most worthwhile experiences in their college career.

The 29th annual Minnesota State Intercollegiate Speech and Debate Championship Tournament was held on the CSB campus in February 2013. Thirteen of the best Minnesota college speech and debate teams were here for the two-day tournament. The CSB/SJU teams finished fourth in Debate Sweeps and over half of our debate teams (3 of 5 entered) advanced to elimination rounds. This was out of 30 teams who participated in this highly competitive tournament.

In 2013, our team participated in the Pi Kappa Delta National Debate Tournament at Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri.

CSB/SJU Speech and Debate Team held an intramural debate tournament on December 7, 2013.

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Dr. Whitney Court
Chair, Political Science Department
SJU Simons 146