Spring 2018 (Preview)

POLS 111              INTRO TO US POLITICS  - Dr. Claire Haeg & Dr. Scott Johnson (2 sections)

POLS 121              INTRO TO INT'L RELATIONS – Dr. John Friend & Colin Hannigan (2 sections)


POLS 211              POLITICS & POLITICAL LIFE – Dr. Jim Read

POLS 221              INTRO TO POLITICAL THEORY – Dr. Scott Johnson


POLS 222              ANALYSIS: U.S. POLICY/ELECTION  - Dr. Whitney Court

POLS 223              COMPARATIVE POLITICS  - Dr. Christi Siver

POLS 224              COURTS, LAW & POLICY – Dr. Phil Kronebusch


Upper Division Courses

POLS 313 20th Century Political Thought - Dr. Jim Read (Cross listed with Ethics)

Examination of political thought throughout the turbulent 20th century, with special attention to writers who theorize about justice and the struggle to achieve it. Topics covered may include: just and unjust wars, imperialism, economic justice, justice in relations between men and women and between members of different racial and ethnic groups. A careful study of the ideas of the 20th century will prepare students to face the new challenges of the 21st century.

POLS 350D Political Psychology/Behavior  - Dr. Whitney Court

This course will apply psychological theories to the context of politics to help us better understand the political behavior of political elites and the citizenry. We will begin by analyzing how attitudes are formed. Then we will answer questions like, what does it mean to be a part of a particular identity group and how might that shape your political behavior and beliefs? We will examine what motivates people to take part in politics while others appear to sit on the sidelines. This course will investigate how people process and perceive information, and then we will critically examine the effectiveness of different campaign tactics given this knowledge. By the end of this semester students will gain a stronger understanding of how an interdisciplinary research approach can help us better comprehend and predict the political environment.

POLS 347 Latin American Politics – Prof Colin Hannigan

Comparative analysis of Latin American politics focusing on the themes of the military in politics, economic dependency, reform and revolution, and agrarian reform. Case studies include Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua and Cuba.

POLS 339 Gender & Politics – Dr. Claire Haeg

Analysis of public policy expectations, processes and decisions as they influence and are influenced by men and women differently. Students investigate criteria for gender-neutral policies, and evaluate the value and likelihood of such policy approaches.

POLS 344 Middle East Politics - Dr. John Friend

POLS 324 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties - Dr. Phil Kronebusch

Examination of the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution with an emphasis on noteworthy Supreme Court cases from the past 50 years. Subjects studied include the guarantees of equal protection and due process, the right to privacy, the doctrines of free expression, and the separation of church and state.

POLS 356 Security: Defense, Diplomacy and Development - Dr. Christi Siver

In this course, students will explore issues of international security from different perspectives. The course will start by looking at traditional security issues involving violence and warfare, but then move on to economic security, environmental security, and human security. Students will examine the role of states, international institutions, and non-governmental actors in seeking to understand and increase security.