Colin Hannigan

Colin Hannigan is a PhD candidate in International Relations and Comparative Politics with a focus on civil conflict. His primary research interests involve third party intervention in civil conflict and post-conflict power-sharing/political inclusion (particularly when rebel groups become parties). Colin received an MA en route in Political Science from the University of New Mexico in the Spring of 2014. He also holds a BA from CSB/SJU, where he majored in both Political Science and Hispanic Studies and minored in Latino/Latin American Studies.


Fall 2019 Courses

POLS 121 - Intro to International Relations

POLS 211 - Politics and Political Life

POLS 358 - Conflict & Human Rights (Models of International Conflict & Cooperation)

POLS 395 - Model United Nations

Spring 2020 Courses

POLS 222 - Analysis of U.S. Policy/Elections

POLS 114 - Policy Memo 

POLS 395 - Model United Nations

POLS 361 - Senior Research Seminar (Public Policy)